20 visually impaired artists trained at rehabilitation workshop

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Exhibition of Tactile Paintings at L V Prasad Eye Institute

Hyderabad, June 5th, 2019: The Institute for Vision Rehabilitation at L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) is organizing an exhibition of tactile paintings made by artists with vision loss. To make this event more impactful, and to create awareness among the public, an exhibition of the art was held at the LVPEI campus on 4th June.

According to a press release, the unique art pieces of tactile paintings were created by 20 artists with vision impairment who had been trained in the art form at workshops held by the Institute for Rehabilitation at L V Prasad Eye Institute.

Art is a medium of expression, bridging gaps across languages, time and culture. But creating art work is perceived as something that is not accessible for persons with vision loss, often excluding them from truly experiencing it. Moreover, because persons with vision loss do not identify colors, nor the 2-dimensional features of mainstream paintings, it demotivates them from taking up art as a hobby.

In an endeavour to address this issue, the Institute for Vision Rehabilitation has been exploring the field of tactile paintings which could be inclusive for persons with vision loss. However, this required to equip them with the necessary skills to not only touch and explore these paintings, but make it themselves as well. Keeping this in mind, two workshops were organized last month to train persons with vision loss and ultimately skill them to make their own tactile paintings. This was done under the supervision of trainers with assistance from volunteers. A total of 20 artists with vision loss went on to create spectacular pieces of artwork that are definitely worth exhibiting.

On the occasion of Institute for Vision Rehabilitation’s 27th anniversary, an exhibition to display the tactile paintings was held, so that persons, both sighted and visually impaired, can come together under one roof to enjoy and experience the beauty of art and appreciate the skill and aesthetic sensibilities of visually impaired persons.

Vision impaired artists, P. Abhilash; Syed Abbu Bakar; T. Sridevi; P. ShivaReddy; A. Shravani; B. Madhav Kumar; Namira Samrin; K. Sai Kiran; Sunil Rathod; T.V Aishwarya, particiapted in tactile paintings exhibition, today at the LV Prasad Eye Institute. These artists were trained in the art form at workshops held by LVPEI.

Speaking on the occasion Aishwarya, a visual counsellor with LV Prasad Eye Institute, said, an exhibition of tactile paintings was organized as visual arts has been neglected as far as visually impaired are concerned, the reason being they don’t know what is a painting. The normal paintings are 2D image, but with tactile painting one can touch and feel. Visually impaired artists were trained at a workshop, they were educated on what each color represents and the artists with that exposure executed and depicted their themes and ideas.