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Gruesome face of Indian patriotism : Migratory rulers

How many countries will settle in one country

As a student of political science, we have been familiar with Samuel Johnson’s amazing words on patriotism, an essential ingredient of nationalism. He wrote: ‘Patriotism is last refuge of scoundrel.’ History has been witness to the truthfulness of this dictum multiple times globally. Back at home what does it mean …

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At least 80 million children under one at risk of diseases such as diphtheria, measles and polio as COVID-19 disrupts routine vaccination efforts, warn Gavi, WHO and UNICEF

World Health Organization

Agencies call for joint effort to safely deliver routine immunization and proceed with vaccination campaigns against deadly vaccine-preventable diseases. GENEVA/NEW YORK, 22 May 2020 – COVID 19 is disrupting life-saving immunization services around the world, putting millions of children – in rich and poor countries alike – at risk of …

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Eminent humanist rationalist Dr Vijayam passes away

Dr Goparaju Vijayam or popularly known as Dr Vijayam Atheist Center in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Tribute to Dr Vijayam, renowned humanist and Executive Director, Atheist Center, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Dr Goparaju Vijayam or popularly known as Dr Vijayam,  passed away,  in the morning today at his home at the Atheist Center in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The loss is tremendous as far as the humanist movement …

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Diabetic foot care: New cooling insoles reduce foot temperature, diminishing the risk of tissue breakdown


A sole mate to prevent diabetic foot ulcers New cooling insoles developed by UTSW scientists reduce foot temperature, diminishing the risk of tissue breakdown that could contribute to diabetic amputations DALLAS (USA) – May 21, 2020 – A new cooling insole developed by UT Southwestern scientists reduced the foot temperature …

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Where is ‘Vande Bharat’ for migrant workers in Transit

How many countries will settle in one country

Lockdown in the wake of coronavirus threat has seriously affected the livelihood options for the migrant workers and daily wage earners. While the government has announced that they will be given free ration, even if they are not linked with local Fair Price Shop part of the Public Distribution System, …

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IIT Guwahati discovers new ways to prevent memory loss due to Alzheimer’s disease

Research News

New Delhi, May 20 (By ISW ): Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati has worked on out-of-the-box ideas that can help prevent or reduce short-term memory losses associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The research team was headed by Prof. Vibin Ramakrishnan, Professor, Department of Biosciences & Bioengineering, IIT Guwahati, …

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Modi Government has lost the Moral Authority to Rule the Country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks on Union Budget 2020

The working class,  which successfully accomplished revolutions in many countries in the modern age, which played its invaluable role in productivity growth in India, too, since freedom movement, undergoing such tragic and inhuman suffering today in the days of Corona pandemic, is a matter of shame for independent India. However, …

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Ashwagandha takes lead in IIT-Delhi study to be COVID-19 warrior

Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Credit NIAID NIH

New Delhi, May 19 (Umashankar Mishra ): Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, Lopinavir, Ritonavir, APN01 or Favilavir are being tested in clinical trials across the globe. No therapy has been found to be effective against COVID-19 as of now. However, natural compounds from Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and Propolis could be potential drug candidates …

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