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#Breaking: Top headlines of India today. The latest breaking news in India | 13 December 2021

Top 10 headlines this night

If PM’s Twitter account can be hacked, what will happen to the common man’s security: Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury Congress has said that if the Twitter account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi can be tampered with, then nothing can be said about the security of the Twitter account of the common …

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#Breaking: Top headlines of India today. The latest breaking news in India | 12 December 2021

Top 10 headlines this night

First Omicron case registered in Nagpur, Maharashtra, the number rises to 18 in the state Media reports said that a 40-year-old man, (who had recently travelled to West Africa) in Nagpur, Maharashtra, has been found infected with Omicron, taking the number of infected in the state to 18. PM will …

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More than half a billion people pushed or pushed further into extreme poverty due to health care costs

World Health Organization

Monitoring universal health coverage – WHO COVID-19 pandemic disrupts health services worldwide DUBAI/GENEVA/WASHINGTON DC — 12 December 2021 — New evidence compiled by the World Health Organization and the World Bank shows that the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to halt two decades of global progress towards Universal Health Coverage. The …

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Machine learning predicts the risk of death in patients with suspected or known heart disease

research on health

What does novel artificial intelligence score? New Delhi – 12 December 2021: A novel artificial intelligence score provides a more accurate forecast of the likelihood of patients with suspected or known coronary artery disease dying within 10 years than established scores used by health professionals worldwide. The research “‘Machine-learning score …

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Scientists find a new therapy for cancer

latest news on cancer research

New Delhi, Dec 10: The fight against Cancer could get a major boost with a team of researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology-Indore synthesising a nano-based therapeutic agent that promises to be highly effective in treating the deadly disease. Cancer: increasingly growing concerns of the healthcare sector Cancer has …

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Feeling Stressed? Here are some ideas to help…


Everyone feels stressed from time to time. However, long-term stress may contribute to or worsen health problems. Here are some ideas that may help you cope with stress: Some people use relaxation techniques, such as guided imagery or progressive muscle relaxation, to release tension and counteract the ill effects of …

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6TH APCAT SUMMIT 2021: Leaders of cities in the Asia Pacific commit to united local actions to meet global health goals

Public Health Once and for all

End tobacco is an essential part of the bedrock for Universal Health Coverage Can we deliver on the promise of health for all unless we fix the gaping and widening punctures that are causing epidemic-proportion of preventable diseases and untimely deaths? No one needs to suffer from preventable illnesses or …

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India became the first lower-middle-income country to pass best-practice trans fat elimination policies

healthy lifestyle

Countries with regulations protecting people from industrially produced trans fat tripled over the past year WHO report reveals people in high-income countries are protected by policies on trans fat elimination, but low-income countries are being left behind Geneva, 7 December 2021 —Forty countries now have best-practice trans fat elimination policies …

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#Breaking: Top headlines of India today. The latest breaking news in India | 06 December 2021


Modi and Putin discuss bilateral ties, the situation in Afghanistan Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin met on the sidelines of the 21st annual India-Russia summit in New Delhi on Monday and discussed the emerging security challenges facing the region. Congress to send 4-member delegation to Nagaland …

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Uttarakhand: Are we waiting for disasters to happen?

Vidya Bhushan Rawat at Uttarakhand

The government of Uttarakhand must act fast to clear the path of Dhauli Ganga rive Uttarakhand government must act fast to clear the path of Dhauli Ganga river about two kilometres ahead of village Neeti and about one kilometre from Ghamsali village, about 90 kilometres from Joshi math town in …

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