40% of adolescent girls drop out due to lack of safe and secure atmosphere in education institutions

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“40 per
cent of adolescent girls drop out due to lack of safe and secure atmosphere in
education institutions”: Ambarish Rai

“Girls are facing safety and security issues not just outside, but they are not safe and secure even inside their homes. It is clear from incident after incidents that the threat has become enormous and will go out of hand, if it is not addressed immediately. Education is the only mechanism and tool through which we can tackle this problem effectively. It will be a grave injustice if we don’t provide education to girls in a safe and secure atmosphere,” said Nirbhaya’s mother Mrs. Asha Devi.

She was speaking at the National Consultation on Safe and Secure Education for Girls, organised by Right to Education (RTE) Forum at India International Centre (Annexe) in national capital today.

Mrs. Asha Devi, Founder President, Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust, said, “Our girls are not safe and
secure anywhere, be it outside or inside their homes. Time and again we have
seen that safety issue has taken its heavy toll on girls’ future, particularly
their education. As parents or guardians, we tend to think it’s meaningless to
make our girls educated as they have to go to other’s home after their
marriage. But it’s a completely wrong approach. We must remember that it’s the
education which will guide our girls when they go away from us after their
marriage. Once our girls are educated, they will make their sons or brothers or
husbands gender sensitive, responsible and respectful towards women.”

Earlier, welcoming the guests and participants, Mr.
Amabarish Rai, National Convenor, Right to Education (RTE) Forum
said, “
Even after 72 years of our independence, we have failed in providing safe and
secure atmosphere for girls in their schools or educational institutions. And
this is one of the prime reasons due to which 40 per cent of our adolescent
girls of 15 – 18 years of age are dropping out from their schools. It’s a shame
for the country.”

Mr. Rai further underlined that only 12.7 per cent schools are Right to Education (RTE), which has talked about providing education in safe and secure atmosphere, compliant. “It is sad to see that there are moves to weaken this very important Act. Commercialisation and privatisation are ruining our education in a big way. This should be stopped immediately,” Mr. Rai added.

Mr. Priyank Kanoongo, Chairperson, National Council for
Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR),
in his address, acknowledged that safe and secure education
for girls is imperative for the country. “We can’t afford to ignore the safe
and security concerns for our girls.  A
collective effort is required to change this situation. Parents, members of
SMCs and officials, all have to come together to undertake his task.”

Distinguished dignitariesincluding Dr. Ashok Pankaj, Director, Council for Social Development; Prof. Geeta Menon of Jamia Milia Islamia University, Dr. R.C. Dabas, Senior Vice President All India Primary Teachers’ Association; Prof. Anita Rampal, Delhi University Prof. R. Gonvinda, Distinguished Professor CSD and Former VC NIEPA; Sunita Sharma, education expert and Anita Bharti, noted author – activist also spoke on the occasion.

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