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A Soulful Performer Kunal Om, The Multitalented flamenco Artist From India

A Soulful Performer Kunal Om, The Multitalented flamenco Artist From India

Mumbai, 9th August 2020. Kunal Om, who is a flamenco artist, dance performer, choreographer and actor, is an empanelled artist with the International Dance Council, UNESCO. He is one of the India’s few male Flamenco Dance performers with his ancestral roots from Rajasthan and brought up in Mumbai, with a versatile journey in performing arts for over 2 decades.

Kunal is a co-creator of India’s unique and one of a kind concept FlamencoKathaa, a flamenco dance and music fusion and collaboration with Kathak and he will soon release his Village Soul City Lights, a whole new amalgamation of Flamenco Dance and music with the deep-rooted culture of India.

Talking about his new creation, Kunal said, “I am currently working on a concept titled VILLAGE SOUL CITY LIGHTS. It is a collaboration of Flamenco dance and music with the deep-rooted culture of India, music and dance that is born in the villages. Reviving very old traditional originals and songs from Rajasthan and Punjab, which have a more Sufi-Qawaali approach to their style of singing and music, sung only in the enclosed communities. When they come infusion with Flamenco, the journey and the cultural connect, the rawness of the voices and the resonating instruments from both cultures will meet the eyes and speak to the heart of our audiences, transmitting energies full of passion and purity”

“The concept was supposed to be launched in April 2020 but now like all, I await the time to get back on stage post the Corona times. This is a concept to be witnessed LIVE in person and not online” added Kunal.

Kunal has worked with biggies such as Terence Lewis, Bosco Martis, Darren Das, Karla Singh, Farah Khan, Geeta Kapoor, Ricky Martin, Diana King, Shaggy, BoneyM, Wigfield and more.

He is an artist from India, known in the Flamenco community around the world, purely for his passion, dedication, perseverance, respect and honesty for Flamenco and the Spanish culture.

Kunal now continues to reside in Mumbai promoting Flamenco, Spanish Language & Culture in India. He is working towards collaborating with artists, performers and musicians from India, Spain and around the world, creating unique opportunities and building the bridge between India and Spain, strengthening cultural ties and exchange, and making India the new hub for Flamenco Dance & Music education in the future.

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