After calling 90% Indians idiots, Now Justice Katju says a nation of a billion donkeys and owls

SATYAM BRUYAT - Justice Katju

New Delhi, 11 July 2021. Retired Supreme Court judge Justice Markandey Katju, who called ninety per cent Indians fools, has now coined a new jumla. Justice Katju has now called India a nation of a billion donkeys and owls.

Justice Katju has written a short post on his verified Facebook page, whose full text is as follows.

A nation of a billion donkeys and owls

What was wrong in calling 90% Indians idiots? Isnt it true that 90% Indians see only caste&religion when they vote, not the candidate’s merit, whether he is a good man or bad, educated or not, or real issues like poverty, unemployment, malnourishment, price rise, healthcare etc. Constructing Ram Mandir and protecting cows are more important.

Most Indians believe in astrology and such other superstitions and humbug. What should I call them  ? Are they not a nation of a billion donkeys and owls ?

हमें गूगल न्यूज पर फॉलो करें. ट्विटर पर फॉलो करें. वाट्सएप पर संदेश पाएं. हस्तक्षेप की आर्थिक मदद करें

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