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AIPFW strongly condemned the firing on tribals in Adhoura block of Kaimur (Bihar)

In condemnation of the Police firing on poor tribals on demand for rights.

New Delhi. 13 September 2020. The social and human rights organizations of the country have reacted strongly to the police firing on the tribals in Adhoura block of Kaimur (Bihar). It is said that in the time of COVID, instead of listening and solving the problems of the tribals, the police have responded with baton and firing, only shows its ruthless attitude towards the weaker sections.

National Deputy General Secretary of All India Forest People’s Workers’ Union Roma strongly condemned the firing and said that for more than three decades the tribal societies have been raising their forest rights demands in a democratic manner by forming a people’s organization Kaimur Mukti Morcha. And at the national level, the Morcha is affiliated with All India Union of Forest Working People and fighting for their rights at the national level also. But no one is ready to listen. The Forest Rights Act 2006 came to existence for 14 years, but the Bihar government has not yet implemented this law on the ground. Tired, the tribal society also raised questions about the demands through an announced peaceful movement, but the Bihar govt has constantly ignored the rights of tribals. Now, when the tribals wanted to wake up the deaf and dumb government by questioning the forest department, the police administration came down to repression. Three people from Sarai Nar, Barkatta and Chafna are injured, while more than half a dozen people of Kaimur Mukti Morcha have been arrested.  The police also broke locks of Taimur Mukti office  Dr. Vinayan Ashram stolen the motorcycle.

Roma said that under the cover of the Covid crisis, the administration is continuously trying to evict the tribals in an illegal manner. This is the case when there is a stay order of the Supreme Court on the eviction. It is an injustice not to give rights to poor tribal under the guise of Covid.

The leading human rights organization Center for Justice and Peace has also condemned the ‘Kaimur Firing’. Organization Secretary Teesta Setalvad said that firing on the demand for the rights of poor Dalit tribal society is a cruel act and is a violation of the Constitution. She strongly condemns this. On the other hand, the Bundelkhand Dalit Adivasi Adhikar Abhiyan has also condemned the shootout.  Woman leader of Taimur mazdoor Kisan Mahila Sangarsh Samiti Sonbhadra Uttar Pradesh president Sokalo Gond has also strongly condemned the shootout. Nivada Rana of Tharu Adivasi Mahila Kisan Mazdoor Manch also said that tribals also have the right to live the government should not suppress it.

Activists of Kaimur Mukti Morcha had staged a sit-in demonstration on September 10 and 11 to demand legal rights over water, forest and land.

More than ten thousand handbills of this dharna was distributed a month before and all the officials were intimated also.But in spite of this, the administration did not listen to their demand on which the Morcha activists protested and locked the gates and forest department in a symbolic manner, but on this, instead of listening to the deprived sections, the police fired and lathi-charged. Many people are injured, and the police have filed a false FIR implicating hundreds of Adivasis.

The organizations have demanded that all the arrested people should be released immediately, there should also be the proper treatment of the injured too, and the administration should dialogue with the struggling people and listen to them and solve problems. The forest department should also stop intimidating and threatening tribals in the name of the lawsuit.

The government to seriously consider the demands of the community and give legal rights so that the deprived section can fight the epidemic like Corona with the country. Prominent demands include administrative reorganization of Kaimur Pahar, declaring the Fifth Schedule Area, implementing the Chota Nagpur Kastkari Act, enforcing the occupation law with immediate effect, abolishing the Kaimur Pahar Forest Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve, Forest Rights Act 2006 to be implemented effectively.

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