Akhilesh questions assault on Dalit professor in BJP regime, trolled

Akhilesh Yadav with prof. Ravi Kant of Lucknow University

New Delhi, 10th March. Samajwadi Party president and former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav trolled by cyber army, when he questioned assault on Dalit professor in BJP regime.

Akhilesh Yadav tweeted a photo of prof. Ravi Kant of Lucknow University with him stating,

“The BJP’s
assault on Dalits continues unabated.

Today Prof.
Ravi Kant of Lucknow University was stripped of a state sponsored award for
having anti-BJP views. This is the true face of their so-called ‘nationalism.’”

A user
replied Akhilesh,

“The day you
dare to ask the question of power

On that day
you will truly be a patriot.

of whether the government is in any group.”

(“Jis din
Apmen satta sa sawal poochhane kee himmat aa jaegi, us din sahi mayne men aap
Deshbhakt honge. Sarkar chahe kisee bhi dal ki kyon na ho.”)

Another user

Kyun jhooth
bol rahe ho ? Itna dar gaye ho haar se ???

A user

Bhaiya, this is the game of Bahan Ji. Do not steal the agenda of Dalit or else
the end of this alliance will be like the boys of UP. Anyway Bahan ji has
betrayed everyone. So, take care of Bhaiya ji.

भइया, ये बहन जी का game है। दलित का agenda मत चुराओ वरना इस गठजोड़ का अन्त भी UP के लड़कों जैसा होगा। वैसे भी बहन जी ने सब को धोखा ही दिया है। तो
ज़रा संभालना भइया जी।)

Because of
the limited seat, the family will get tickets, for the rest wait for the rest
of the worker 2024.

Bhaiya, ???

सीट होने की वजह से पहले परिवार को टिकट मिलेगी बाकी कार्यकर्ता 2024 का इन्तजार करें॥

अखिलेश भईया,???

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