Apollo Hospitals Group to organize two international conferences in Hyderabad

Apollo Hospitals Group to organize two international conferences in Hyderabad
(L-R) Mr Arvind Sivaramakrishnan, CIO; Dr Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director & Dr Hari Prasad, President, Hospitals Division, Apollo Hospitals Group; at a press conference to announce the hosting of the prestigious 8th International Patient Safety Conference & 9th Transforming Healthcare with IT Conference, to be hosted by Apollo Hospitals, at Hyderabad on September 13 & 14; at a press conference on Friday at Park Hyatt.

The twin conferences focused on Patient Safety and Transforming Healthcare with IT to bring together over 2,500 delegates from across the globe

September 8th, 2019 :
Apollo Hospitals Group is
organizing the 8th edition of the International Patient Safety Conference
and the 9th edition of the International Conference on Transforming Healthcare with Information Technology (THIT) on the
13th and 14th September 2019 in Hyderabad under the aegis of International
Health Dialogue.

According to a press note IPSC, now in its eighth year, is the largest patient safety-focused
conference in Asia. The conference will address critical issues in patient
safety with global experts on the subject discussing the role of proactive
practices and streamlined systems in improving patient safety. With sessions
around this year’s theme of ‘Imagine, Innovate, Inspire’, the IPSC will provide
healthcare professionals an opportunity to learn from patient safety and
quality experts from across the world.

Stalwarts and international
thought leaders from leading organizations like Joint Commission International
(JCI), World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), NABH, PWC, AsQuA,
IMA, FSSAI, ISA, CAHO and HIMA will discuss and share their experiences.

The discussions at the conference will
range from debates on technology versus touch; the healthcare manpower of the
future; overall patient safety aspects including infection control, medication
management, radiation safety to facility safety and accreditations.

Precursor to the conference, there will
be eight pre-Conference workshops on 12th September 2019 being held along with JCI,
and Apollo Hospitals that will be focussed on Food Safety and
Basic Life Support on the conference days.

The conference will help
patient safety professionals benchmark their patient safety programs against
the present best practice and to develop a customized patient safety strategy
based on an organization’s individual needs.

Speaking about the
International Patient Safety Conference, Dr.
Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group
said, Patient safety is a vital
aspect of healthcare delivery and should be the top priority as India advances
towards universal health coverage through Ayushman Bharat. We must keep a check
on our health systems as well as work towards a skilled talent pool to address
the healthcare workforce crisis, which has an impact on patient safety. The
International Patient Safety Conference serves as a platform where all
stakeholders can share experiences, exchange ideas, and discuss best practices
for improving patient safety. We look forward to an outcome where the
suggestions generated are integrated into a national policy to improve patient
safety across the healthcare system. Healthcare is moving from
the hospital to the clinic, from clinic to home and from home to 24/7
ubiquitous access to care. This Conference will have launch of products with
potential use of AI with detailed data analytics, backend learning engine and
algorithms which can impact healthcare today and not futuristic. For two
governments which come forward, one of the products will be donated free. Microsoft
will also launch its product at the conference. A summary of the guidelines and
recommendations from the dialogue discussions at the Conference on what needs
to be done by the private sector, by the government and individuals to create a
safer healthcare environment, will be shared on September 17th, which is the
International Patient Safety Day, as declared by WHO. Today the standard of
healthcare is on par with the best globally, in fact we are also creating new

The ninth Conference on Transforming Healthcare with Information
Technology (THIT),
inpartnership with College of Healthcare Information
Management Executives (CHIME) and
International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH), will beIndia’s largest Healthcare and IT conference and
trade show. The conference will showcase AI in Healthcare, Machine Learning in
Medical Imaging, Enterprise Digital Health Solutions, Digital Health in Health
Delivery OrganizationsStandards and Policies for Digital Health in India from
national and international healthcare technological luminaries.

Sessions at the Conference
on THIT will include the foremost technology thought leaders in Healthcare
including Russ  Branzell, President &
CEO, College of Healthcare Information Executives CHiME, USA; Kali Durgampudi,
Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Greenway Health,  USA; Femi Ladega, Chief Technology Officer-
Healthcare and Life Sciences, DxC Technology, United Kingdom; Dr Rana Mehta
from PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), India; Bruce Broussard, Chief Executive
Officer & President, Humana Inc, Kentucky, USA; Prof. William B Eimicke,
from Columbia University, USA and Howard Buffet. Director SIPA Columbia

Dr. Indu Bhushan, CEO – Ayushman Bharat – PMJAY and the National Health Authority (NHA), Government of India, Shri J. Satyanarayana, Former Chairman, UIDAI, Dr RenuSwarup, Secretary, Dept of Biotechnology, Govt of India and Shri Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, IT Secretary, Govt of Telangana, India will share their thoughts on healthcare delivery and technology adoption in the Indian context.    

Speaking about the twin conference, Dr. Hari Prasad, President, Hospitals Division, Apollo Hospitals Group, said, “International Health Dialogue will include learnings and sharing best practices in healthcare through the 8th International patient safety Conference and the 9th Transforming Healthcare with IT conference. The International patient safety Conference has evolved into the world’s largest event focusing on patient safety. The conferences offer wide range of subjects which are relevant in the changing environment today. Patient harm is the 14th leading cause of morbidity and mortality globally, comparable to diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria. It is estimated that there are 421 million hospitalizations in the world annually, and approximately 42.7 million adverse events occur with safety issues in as many as 1 in 10 patients during hospitalization. Therefore the opportunity to enhance patient safety is huge. We need to come up with practical solutions that can be implemented and ensure patient safety in hospitals. This conference enables to speak up, share experiences, identify solutions to minimize errors and make healthcare safer for patients. Though all these errors are not intentional, as no healthcare provider would want to harm a patient. Healthcare delivery is a complex process with multiple stakeholders involved and errors can creep in unintentionally. With rapid change seen in healthcare delivery the risk of error also increases.  

“Technology is transforming healthcare in all its aspects. AI and automation technology are changing healthcare delivery and discoveries in medical technology are revolutionizing diagnosis and treatment,” he added.

Speaking about the Transforming Healthcare with IT (THIT) conference, Mr. Arvind Sivaramakrishnan, Chief Information Officer, Apollo Hospitals Group, said, We have a very exciting line of global healthcare technological luminaries as speakers for our 9th Transforming Healthcare with IT conference. The conference is a platform where healthcare and information technology entrepreneurs, professionals, and students will get insights into how medical technology and innovation is disrupting the healthcare industry, and the need to keep pace with this transformation. We hope that the conference will lead to an understanding of the need to invest in and adopt new technologies for cost-effective health outcomes that are beneficial to all stakeholders in the Indian healthcare industry. The Conference will have 40 speakers from 12 countries and will focus on connecting the IT of today with the IT of tomorrow, in terms of how the digital experience can lead to effective adoption and effective implementation, which can revolutionize healthcare and the delivery of healthcare. A session on AI in healthcare, use in radiology imaging, how ML in radiology imaging can give better outcomes and better quality of diagnosis. Another session will address how  a cardiovascular AI algorithm can improve treatment outcomes in cardiac care, Anil Bansali of Microsoft will marshal this session. A session will highlight how healthcare leaders could manage disruption and effectively manage change. The CEO of Ayushman Bharat, Dr Indu Bhushan will deliver his talk on architecting the technology of healthcare in India. At the conference Clinicians and technology experts will come together to explore for meaning solutions to deliver healthcare effectively.

Over 2,500 enlightened
minds of medical and technology sector, public policy makers and government
officials will be coming together to make healthcare safer and better. The twin
conferences willcreate dialogue for healthcare policy and developing a comprehensive
framework in establishing a safer and better healthcare delivery ecosystem.

Delegates can download the conference app “International Health Dialogue” to get regular updated about the conference.

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