Appeal for Jammu Bandh

Prof. Bhim Singh
Prof. Bhim Singh

Appeal for Jammu Bandh

Supremo’s appeal to all political parties in J&K to support ‘Jammu Bandh’
on Dec.7 

Delhi/Jammu/Srinagar December 5, 2019 : Prof. Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of
National Panthers Party & Sr. Executive Member of Supreme Court Bar Association
(SCBA) has made a strong appeal to all social & political parties and NGOs
to support ‘Jammu Bandh’ on December 7, 2019 in the interest of unity,
integrity, freedom and to share fruits of fundamental rights guaranteed in
Chapter-III of the Indian Constitution from Article 12 to Article 35. He said
that Article 35-A was made applicable in 1954 as a Presidential Ordinance only.
It has been withdrawn by the President now. The fundamental rights guaranteed
in the Constitution are applicable in the entire State of J&K.

He said that
in spite of the facts that all fundamental rights were extended to Jammu and
Kashmir w.e.f. August 5, 2019 yet thousands of citizens of India including a
sitting Member of Parliament and several former Chief Ministers and Ministers
remained locked up in illegal and unconstitutional detention. He said that it
is a tragedy that entire Internet system is still buried under the grave of
time. The universities, the colleges, all educational institutions still stand
deprived of internet facilities. Thousands of students and youth remain denied
of an opportunity to appear in respective examinations and recruitment tests.
The university students as well as the teachers have not been heard about their
problems which are causing a great damage to the students in the universities
for holding appropriate examinations because of non-availability of internet

National Panthers Party have very carefully and after studying the situation
wisely has given a Band Call on December 7, 2019 requesting all political and
social parties as well as all NGOs and the social organizations to join the
Bandh Call on Dec.7 to make this bandh a joint mission which shall help every
individual, every citizen, every shopkeeper, every employee, every labour and
all persons to send a clear message that we deserve freedom of expression and
freedom to live with honour and dignity.

Prof. Bhim Singh has appealed to all political and social organizations including the Congress Party, PDP, National Conference, CPI, CPI-M, INTUC, Student Federations, NPSU and all to join hands and walk together in the streets of Jammu to give a joint message to the rulers in Delhi that Jammu and Kashmir was to enjoy and share all fundamental rights and live in peace and human dignity. The Bandh Call, he urged, should be shared by all political parties, NGOs, students and youth organizations who believe in democracy, peace, progress and unity and integrity of the nation.