Architects & Interior Designers from Western Countries attend Vaastu course at Veeramaneni Institute of Vaastu Sciences!

Architects & Interior Designers from Western Countries attend Vaastu course at Veeramaneni Institute of Vaastu Sciences
(L-R) Vastu Acharya Dr V R Veeramaneni, seen with the foreign delegates Ms Sara Battelli, Architect & Interior Designer from Panama; Ms Daria, Designer from Russia & Ms Mariana Brasil, Architect from Brazil; attending the Advanced Vaastu Course conducted by the City based prominent Vaastu consultancy and Training Institute, Veeramaneni Institute of Vaastu Sciences (VIVS), on Sunday at Hotel Parklane, Secunderabad.

Rising awareness
about Vaastu & its benefits, drives construction professionals from West, to
seek knowledge on Vaastu

Hyderabad, September 8th, 2019 : City based prominent Vaastu consultancy and Training Institute,Veeramaneni Institute of Vaastu Sciences (VIVS),
helmed by renowned vastu exponent, Dr Venugopal Rao Veeramaneni, hosted delegates from abroad for its latest
Vaastu course. These delegates have come from far off Brazil, Panama, Central
America, Russia, amongst others. Most of them are practitioners of Indian
ancient Sciences of Yoga and Auyurveda, and have strong belief in it. They came
in search of the missing link and not so popular Science in the West, the

The interest in Vaastu to address the deficiency in
the lives due to discrepancies in the place they dwell in and the surrounding
environment, has been on the rise of late. The Western population which was
totally ignorant of Vaastu, has been discovering this wonderful science and its
beneficial effects, after they tasted the enormous benefits got through Yoga.  

on the occasion Ms Mariana Brasil, an
Architect by profession from São Paulo, Brazil,
said, I discovered India and the good
things of life through Art of Living and from my spiritual guru Sri Sri
Ravishankar. I am today capable of taking care of my mind and body through Yoga
and Auyurveda, with excellent outcomes. But I always felt, what was lacking in
my life was something which would take care of our homes and immediate
environment. That I came to know, could be bridged through Vaastu, a decade
ago, prior to that I had no knowledge about Vaastu. Since then I have been searching
for an able master to learn Vaastu, during my visits to India. It is fulfilled
now, with me coming to know about Vastu Acharya Dr VR Veeramneni of Veeramaneni
Institute of Vaastu Sciences. My clients are constantly seeking for happier and
healthier homes, they have problems and are seeking solutions, I feel Vaastu
can address these. I don’t see a challenge in the clients accepting Vaastu to
better their lives. The best part of the course imparted by VIVS is, it is
extensive and sets you onto the path of being a professional if you start
practicing earnestly. Especially for someone coming from a Western country all
this is new and tough to comprehend, but Dr VR Veeramneni elucidated the entire
thing so well, to make me gain excellent understanding of the entire thing

Ms Sara Battelli, an Architect and Interior Designer
from Panama, South America, said, I always had a strong intuition about
Architecture and whenever I design something I would implement my designs, now
I have more tools through Vaastu, which are rational, scientific and makes
sense to implement them in my work. I realise this is the right thing to do and
I believe in taking it to my clients, for them to benefit from it. My job
becomes much easier to use Vaastu, because people are already aware of the
magic Yoga and Ayurveda can do, the fact that this is an extension of those
very helpful sciences, will make it to be readily acceptable to the clients.
The popularity of this hitherto unknown Science in the West, is bound to
increase in the years to come, because of the beneficial aspects it brings. Dr
VR Veeramneni has a certain set of values that I respect and made me realise
that he is the most appropriate master I was looking for learning Vaastu.

Ms Daria aDesigner by profession from Russia,
said, I have basic understanding of
Vaastu and do counsel my customers in Russia. But I was thoroughly impressed
with the vast and deep knowledge of Vaastu, Dr Venugopal Rao Veeramaneni has
and wanted to seek his guidance to enhance my knowledge. In Russia more and
more people are becoming aware of Vaastu and they are actively seeking the
services of experts with knowledge of Vaastu. I am confident with this course I
will be able to live up to the expectations of my home country people and
provide the right solutions they are looking for their home and surroundings.
In Russia the interest in Vaastu is growing by leaps, many are seeking help
through it and just that there aren’t many experts in Vaastu there.

After the Western world’s exposure to
Yoga and its benefits, they are inquisitive to demystify and unravel more about
Indian way of life and benefit from it. Several of our Gurus in  a sustained way spread the message of Yoga
and popularized it beyond our shores. But there has hardly been any attempt to
take the knowledge of Vaastu to them. It is their quest to adopt more of the
ancient Indian practices and lead peaceful and harmonious lives is what is
bringing them in hordes to India to learn Vaastu. I have visited more than 20
countries from Uzbekistan to Russia to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, and found
that people are becoming aware of Vaastu and the interest is growing
enormously, it’s just that there is dearth of experts in their countries to
seek guidance. It’s really heartening that this desire to be Vaastu compliant in
those countries, is what is driving Architects and Interior designers from there
to come to India and gain knowledge of Vaastu and satiate their clients’ needs.
This batch of the Vaastu Course has such professionals and they I am confident
will popularise this science beyond our shores,
says Vastu Acharya Dr VR Veeramneni.      

Dr VR Veeramneni said, I have been practicing Vaastu for the last ten years and started training others for the last four years to dispel the widely spread misinformation in the society about Vaastu. I am focusing on Architects, Civil Engineers, Builders and Interior designers, if they know they can build Vaastu compliant structures. Vaastu brings a balance of five elements in nature and ensures a harmony between them and human beings. My training institute imparts training in Indian traditional architecture or Vastu, till date we trained 96 people. Recently I was invited by Sri Sri Ravishankar of Art of Living to address foreign delegates on Vaastu at his Ashram in Bangalore. Lot of those foreigners present there were keen to know, learn and practice Vaastu.    

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