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Begging in an epidemic

All over the world poverty is one of the biggest reasons which hampers the development of a nation. Large Nations having huge populations sure have to have certain demarcations of economic prosperity to differentiate between their citizens point among those groups a large volume of citizens of the country do not possess any land any skill or or any help from the administration or general public.

This population is the group of people made to go into the profession of begging. An activity in which their work is to beg for alms or money to eat food to wear clothes etc.

Begging has been in the news for a variety of reasons. It is one of the biggest problems of any Nation. The difference between have and have not’s is more visible than in the whole of urban India.

An estimate of around 5 lakh people are in the profession in India. Willingly or unwillingly the activities fall in this area. Why there are not any organizations’s for? Seems there is more to meet the eye.

In the current times of an epidemic which has almost covered a month and lots of uncertainty when it could be sunny days again. Religious places like mazars have provided shelter to many of those who stay there and beg as khidmatgars of the place.

Now the time of the epidemic when peoples are not visiting those shrines and mazars, food for them is very hard to find.

Many state and district organizations as well as NGOs are there on the ground. All the promises were not met. Inhumane living conditions and these harsh times they are only hoping to pass these times and survive.

By Dr. Saifuddin Ahmad 

Centre for Objective Research and Development

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