Big deception done with the people and the farmers by SP-BSP, Walk-over given to the BJP in UP

New Delhi, February 24. Amaresh Mishra, film
writer, historian and senior journalist, says that there is an unexpected
political situation in Uttar Pradesh. SP-BSP has given up walk over to the BJP!

Mr. Mishra said that the nominated seats in the SP-BSP have been divided, in which there are more than 12 seats in which SP was at number two in 2014.

Kaiser Ganj, Basti, Ghazipur etc. goes to the BSP means that
the Walk-over to the BJP!

He said,

“Now it has become commonplace that Mayawati has sold 20-20 crore seats – and forced Akhilesh Yadav to remove candidates from such seats where SP could win.”

Mayawati Akhilesh Yadav joint press conference

Mr. Mishra said that,

“There is a huge disturbance in the SP. Many good
workers-leaders are leaving the party. But the question is, go, where do you
go? Congress has not opened the cards yet. On February 13, I
had a big meeting with Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi. There is a
strategy in Delhi too. “

Senior journalist said that “Uttar Pradesh cannot be
bowled over to BJP. This is a big fraud with the public and the farmers! “