BJP is committed to its ideology on Kashmir & Directionless Congress

BJP is
committed to its ideology on Kashmir. The Sangh used Kashmir as a tool to
spread propaganda of ‘Muslim’ ‘appeasement’ over and over again. The stories of
Shayama Prasad Mukherjee’s death reverberate their discussion. So, we should
not mind when they are in power, they will do everything to please their core
voter. So, it is not about Kashmiri people particularly Kashmiri Muslims but
Kashmir’s resources and ’empowering’ the Kashmiri Pandits. For them the best
days are of the Dogra rule which never treated Muslims as equal citizens of the

Problem is
with absolute bankruptcy of the Congress Party which has ruled this country for
over 50 years. Its inability to defend its
tall leaders of the independence movement and explain to the people as how Jammu
and Kashmir were an important part of India, how it acceded to India and why it
is essential to have a soothing balm in the valley. As I said, Parliament’s
supremacy is there but in terms of values and ethics, it is also important for
parliament to bring people into confidence and raise the issues in parliament.

Question is
if the government want to do what it wishes, why are the leaders in jail, why
is communication blockade. Why is that the home minister tells the parliament
that Dr Farookh Abdullah is not detained or arrested while he is. Isn’t it the
breach of privilege and hiding facts for the Parliament but then nothing will happen?
This is how Congress worked in past and the BJP is just taking a leaf out of

The Congress
is unable to clean itself completely. The leaders are ready to embarrass the
party and taking line against official position. Leaders have shown their
opportunism. The chamchas who kept quiet all these years on important issues
are showing their ‘spine’ now. Congress enjoyed the chamchas but they will only
work when the party is in power. Chamchas can’t really tolerate being kept in
silence and they would only shout when it means something.

The savarna
dominant congress is no difference than BJP. They are unable to take the Hindutva
head on and their condition look pathetic. The absence of a sound and strong
ideological ground of the average Congress person is responsible for this
crisis. Politicians proved that they want to remain in power by hook or by
crook and you can’t expect vision and principles from them. It is this lack of
vision, where the average congress workers look like the B team of the BJP. He can’t
defend the Muslims. He or she can’t speak ideologically against the imposition
of the Vaidik cultural values on all. He can’t speak against the current
dispensation on nationalism. Congress would not like to give Muslims even
representation in party structure. They won’t speak on assault against
reservation, the privatisation of job, issue of Adivasis and OBCs. For all
this, Congress will need a new dynamic leadership which can emerge from these

But then
Congress would always nurture people like Janardan Dwivedi kind of people who
are showing their true Brahmanical colors. After enjoying all fruits of power
without accountability, they claiming how he is committed to Lohia. It is
nothing but a future strategy for Uttar Pradesh.

Frankly speaking,
Scindia, Tiwari, Deoria might look great to Barakha Dutt kind of people but
they can’t do anything to rejuvenate the party. The position taken by Amerinder
Singh on various issues is much better than any other political leader. Perhaps
it is people like him, who can take this group head on but then Amrinder’s
acceptability is not much beyond Punjab.

The question
is not about who is going to be the leader but playing your role well in
Parliament. Congress so far has failed to play even the role of opposition in
parliament. With leaders speaking in 20
different direction, the headless congress is clearly visible and proving one
thing that it can only get united under Gandhi family. In the absence of a
Gandhi, Congress is bound to not only fail but split. Congress will have to
develop democratic culture and new leadership in state to survive otherwise it
will not merely fail itself as it is happening but also make itself irrelevant
politically in current context if it fails to raise the issues of common
concerns of the people.

Bhushan Rawat

August 7th, 2019

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