BREAKING NEWS : Judge Blocks Trump Administration Plan to Detain Migrant Children

Modi and Trump in Howdy Modi at Houston

A federal judge Blocks Trump Administration Plan to Detain Migrant Children

New Delhi, 28th September 2019.  A federal judge in California (USA) blocked
the Trump administration from imposing new rules that would allow for the
lengthy detention of migrant children.

The move was part of a wider campaign by the Trump
administration to discourage migrant parents from journeying with their
children to the southern border.

The New York Times reported that a federal Judge of District Court for the Central District of California Dolly Gee described the Trump government’s defence of its proposed new policy as “Kafkaesque” in some of its reasoning. According to the news of the NY Times Judge said that it was up to Congress, not the administration, to supplant a 20-year-old consent decree that requires children to be held in state-licensed facilities and released in most cases within 20 days.

There are more than one million cases pending in immigration
court of USA.

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi had come to a meeting in Houston in support of Donald Trump. In this meeting, PM Modi had announced “this time Trump government”.

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