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Prof. Bhim Singh
Prof. Bhim Singh

Breaking : Tortures in cold days and iced nights in Kashmir is no solution

Breaking : Tortures in cold days and iced nights in Kashmir is no solution

Hold urgent meeting of all J&K pol. reps. to win confidence of suffering people  

New Delhi/Jammu/Srinagar, December 3, 2019 : An emergency
meeting of the activists of NPP and other nationalist party’s workers was held
in New Delhi which was addressed by Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National
Panthers Party & Sr. Executive Member of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA).
Prof.Bhim Singh appealed to all political parties of India to understand the
situation the people of Jammu and Kashmir have been passing through since
August 5, 2019 the day J&K was deprived of statehood by Act of Parliament.

NPP Supremo said that though the Parliament had no mandate
to do so yet the national leadership as well as the newspapers remained quiet
instead the nationalist and recognized political parties in Jammu and Kashmir
was subjected to harassment, intimidation and all political leadership of
opposition parties in J&K have been facing confinement in jails, hotels,
hospitals, legislators’ hostels and some of them have been confined in their
own homes without any social security are medical assistance.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that news coming from Kashmir this
morning said that,

“The 33 detainees including General Secretary of National
Conference, Ali Mohammad Sagar, Naeem Akhtar of PDP, Chairman of Peoples
Conference Sajjad Lone and bureaucrat turned politician Shah Faisal were
shifted to MLAs’ hostel sub-Jail under the orders of Home Department on
November 17. Hakim Mohammad Yaseen and Mohammad Ashraf Mir were released from
the Sub-Jail and shifted to their residences where they were kept under house

The information reaching the office of National Panthers
Party reveals that,

“Lack of proper facilities at the Sub-Jail are the main
reason for detainees, some of whom are already ailing, for falling ill.”   

This also has been reported widely that 100 mainstream
politicians and workers have been detained since August 5, 2019. No petition
has been responded properly by the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

The MLA Hostel as well as other government hostels have been
converted in sub-jail without providing any reasonable facility to the political

Prof.Bhim Singh said that as a Sr. Executive Member of SCBA
of India that no legal facilities have been provided to the political prisoners
to represent their cases before an appropriate court of law and for appropriate

He said that these are some of the names of the political
prisoners which have come in the notice of the Panthers Party and the State
Legal Aid Committee, J&K whereas there are nearly 3000 prisoners in
detention for more than three months in different jails of J&K whereas some
of them were shifted to jails/lock-ups in other states of the country in
violation of the fundamental rights of the citizens of India residing in
J&K who were fully entitled to all fundamental rights provided in the
Chapter-III of the Constitution of India after the reversal of Article 35-A on
August 5, 2019. All of them have been kept illegally and in violation of the
fundamental rights to which each citizen of India residing in J&K is also
entitled to enjoy.

Prof.Bhim Singh has appealed to the leadership of the
country and those who represent their respective national and regional parties
in Parliament to send their official delegation to Jammu and Kashmir to meet
the detenus in the locks-up where they have been kept in prison in violation of
human rights as well as the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of
India presently applicable to the Indian citizens in J&K.

He has appealed to the President of India, Mr. Ramnath
Kovind to take up this matter directly with the representatives of all
recognized political parties of J&K and other national parties in a
close-door session, if so the President shall choose, and provide relief to all
Indian citizens in J&K before the heavens in Kashmir are put to blaze by
anti-national forces.

He expressed surprise how the Indian diplomats have started
comparing Judaism with Kashmir affairs and how misinformation about J&K
situation is being projected by the vested interests which shall prove disaster
to the secular-democratic nation, India.

NPP Supremo appealed to Members of the Parliament of India
irrespective of their political affiliation to cross Laxman Rekha (forbidden
boundaries) and reach J&K with a clear message to the suffering people that
all India is one with the suffering people of J&K.

He appealed to the President of India who is governing the state of J&K to direct the administration in J&K to release all those detenus detained under Public Safety Act irrespective of their political affiliations or the like except there are FIRs framed against anyone of them. Jails, detentions, suppressions and tortures in cold days and iced nights in Kashmir is no solution. He said that any failure to reach the J&K with a clear message of justice and equity shall prove counter-productive. Release all detenus and talk to the political representatives is the clear message from all corners of the country. He urged the President of India to read message which Japan delivered yesterday vis-a-vis Jammu and Kashmir.  Let India awake today. 

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