Canadian Elections have given numerous messages to Indian People as well as our politicians

Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada

Back Justin Trudeau

The Canadian
citizens must be congratulated for returning liberals headed by Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau without an absolute majority. He will need the support from
other parties but the dangers of Conservative party returning to power are out
of question now. In the 338 members Parliament, the Liberals got reduced for
184 to 157 though the opposition conservative party increased its seats from 99
to 121 but still far short of the half way mark.

In the overall
vote percentage conservatives were 34.4% while the liberals got 33.1% and the
new democratic party headed by Mr Jagmeet Singh which got 15.9% vote share and
24 seats. Singh was projected as the Prime Ministerial candidates and has
support of a large number of the minorities, immigrants and other progressive.

result also brought 98 women parliamentarian which constitute about 29% of the
total representatives. Last time it was 88 members.

This time
the Canadians have elected 19 members from Indian communities in which 18
happened to be Sikhs, perhaps their greatest representation in power structure
anywhere in the world. In Indian Parliament there are merely 13 as per reports.
Last year when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited India, he joked that he
has more ministers from Sikh community than the government of India. In fact,
he had five Sikh ministers including one member holding the Ministry of Défense
Portfolio. The party wise break up of these winning Indian Canadian also
reflects a clear trend. 13 were elected on Liberal Party ticket headed by the
Prime minister, 4 by the Conservative Party and one by the NDP.

population is about 3,75,89,262.

In terms of
size, Canada is the second biggest country after Russia and it has a size of
9.9 million square kilometres. When the government world over, particularly in
the neighbouring USA were speaking up against the immigrants and minorities,
Canada was welcoming them with an open arm.

to data available, Canada admitted 3,13,580 immigrants from 2018 to 2019.

There was
huge campaign against the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his alleged
participation and support in some racist programmes during his student days but
it was clear that the people of Canada looked at his current track record and
voted him. People of Canada have delivered a verdict which should make all of
us proud. It did not give a solid majority to the Liberal party may be because
of their failure on certain domestic fronts but it supported them. Moreover,
the growth of the parties like NDP, suggest that people would support the
voices of minorities and immigrants.

people of India can learn a lot from Canada.

How Canada
is welcoming people from different parts of the world and how they are putting
them in their power structure. The immigrants in Canada, the Sikhs or anyone
are not mere than century old unlike Muslims and Christians in this country who
are living more than 700 years and there is no immigration here that happen to
Western world and yet we are asking hundreds of questions of loyalty to both
Muslims and Christians here whose track record in our national building remain
far superior to those who are enjoying the fruits of power.

Today, we
celebrate the victory of Canadian Indian and if there are ministers, we feel
proud on them but why? All of them are Canadian citizens and they might have
migrated several years back and now dedicated to the constitution of Canada.
Their only relation with India remains cultural. Can we do the same if things
happened here. Muslims here are Muslim Indian and Indian Muslims and have no
other loyalty. None celebrate elsewhere on their victory except their own

Everyone knows
about the French speaking Quebec State of Canada which speak of its distinct
French identity and talks of more autonomy and yet flourishing here. None call
them anti national and there is no military presence. Canada is a shining
example of how we can progress peacefully and in co-existence. India was an
example. We all have those traits and we had a leadership who we hate because
their building a plural society was the biggest hindrance in the way of those
who wanted to get absolute power without any accountability.

is not a burden.

All those
who seeks votes in the name of minorities and immigrants are not anti-national.
Minorities, immigrants too have right to express their feeling and ask question
to all in Parliament and must have representation. Indian media is running
campaign to demolish the opposition and minorities as well as marginalised.
Canadian have voted in a very diverse way and perhaps this is the best way now
to run democracy and remain committed to people. With absolute majorities we
are handing over power to dictators who are never democratic and misusing the
faith of the people posed in them. The arrogance of power is allowing them to
betray people and be pygmies of the big industrial houses. Both the political
parties and Indian media must understand that diversity is to be celebrated and

should learn from the West and Canada

Canada is a
new country in comparison to us but it is welcoming minorities, immigrants and
we as an ancient civilization with a great track record of multiple-faith
working together and contributing to nation building are converting our own
people as ‘foreigner’ or anti national just because he does not follow your
faith which is sad and dangerous too. A huge country like India cannot run
smoothly by putting a gun over the head of its minorities and making them
suspect for every anti national or illegal act. This has to stop. Learn from
the West and Canada particularly as it engages with minorities and immigrants
and do not treat them anti national just because they disagree with the prime
minister or ruling party.

We welcome
Justin Trudeau again and hope his policies will strengthen world peace by
increased engagements with migrants and minorities of all varieties world over.

Bhushan Rawat

October 24th, 2019