Cancer awareness run – Grace CANCER RUN 2019, sponsored by Microsoft, to be held on 13th October!

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Police Commissioner Mr. Sajjanar & Model Shilpa Reddy unveil T-shirts for the run

  • The theme of the run is ‘Let us outrun
  • The last date to register is September 20th,
  • The run will be held in 4 countries and 8

11th September 2018:
The second edition of the ‘Cancer RUN with the
theme, ‘LET US OVERUN CANCER’, being organised by Grace Cancer
along with Hyderabad
, sponsored by Microsoft,
will be flagged of on October 13th,
morning at People’s plaza,
Necklace Road. The registrations for the Run closes on September 20th, 2019. Dr Hemanth Vudayaraju, Robotic Surgical
Oncologist, Marathoner & Race Director and Dr Chinnababu Sunkavalli, Founder & CEO, Grace Cancer Foundation; speaking at a press
conference on Tuesday said, the Run is part of Government of India’s
initiative, Fit India movement, recently launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister
Shri Narendra Modi. Mr. V.C. SajjanarIPS,
Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad and Shilpa Reddy, Fashion Designer & Model, unveiled the Cancer Run
T-Shirt, on the occasion.

Grace Cancer Foundation, a charity organisation,
working towards providing succour to cancer patients, has initiated CANcerRUN, to raise public awareness
against cancer, its prevention and early detection. The cancer survivors
participating in the Run can instil confidence and hope amongst those afflicted
of cancer, that cancer after all is conquerable.

The Grace CANCER RUN, will be the world’s largest Cancer Run with participants running
for the cause from across the globe including in India at Hyderabad, Mumbai,
Kakinada, Davanagere, Nasik, Nizamabad, in USA at California, Sydney in
Australia and Abu Dhabi. Close to over 25000 enthusiasts are committed to run
at all these locations. They are raring to go and spread the word about cancer.
September 20th, 2019, is the last date for registering for the run.
The Run will be in three categories of 2k
fun walk/run, 5k run/walk and 10k timed run.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. V.C. Sajjanar
said,cancer disease is the cause for the second largest number of
deaths in the world. Each of us would know someone with cancer from within our
family and friends, so prevalent it has become, I lost my sister to the
disease. Sedentary lifestyle without any physical activity, lack of nutritious
diet, sleep deprivation are all reasons for cancer and it is high time we
create awareness about this dreaded disease. This run being conducted in
multiple cities will create enormous awareness about the disease across the
world. The Cyberabad and Telangana police will support this cause and will work
towards making it a success. We will also associate with the Foundation for
cancer screening of police force.   


said, there is enough evidence today that a great lifestyle, proper eating
habits, a tranquil mind, does lot of good to your health. Being healthy is
feeling good from within, being holistic. Apart from eating healthy diet, eat
on time, sleep on time, not loading your mind with unnecessary thoughts Maintaining
mental and physical energy balance is extremely important, we should aspire for
that holistic balance to lead a happy life.   

 An avid marathoner Dr Hemanth Vudayaraju says, Running is the easiest way to stay fit,
something which comes naturally to each one of us, requires least in terms of
infrastructure and equipment and hence is the most uncomplicated way to yield
sustaining health benefits. In the west every major city marathon has a huge
number of charity runners and cancer related charities being the foremost. Late
diagnosis is the bane of cancer in India and that’s because of lack of
awareness about cancer.

Cancer RUN 2019 is an
opportunity to challenge yourself, set new limits and reduce your cancer risk
by being physically active. This is a race to save lives, organized by Grace
Cancer foundation. Grace has been relentless in its efforts to create awareness
about cancer and aims to save lives in the long run. No one should fight cancer
alone, this event invites people of all walks of life to join in the fight and
run alongside those who are impacted by Cancer
, says Dr Chinnababu
. Cancer is curable if detected early and they don’t just survive but
Conquer the disease. This run is in support of People who fought this disease,

About Grace Cancer

Grace Cancer Foundation is charity organization that works across every aspect of cancer; it helps people from prevention to early diagnosis through to treatment and beyond. Grace Cancer Foundation is founded with the vision to alleviate cancer burden through Education, Early detection, Treatment, Rehabilitation and cutting edge Research for the needy. Its aim to provide CURE, CARE and COMPASSION and commitment to the needy people by holistic approach.

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