‘Cancer is conquerable’ message reckons across the globe, with over 20000 joining in the CANcer RUN!

'Cancer is conquerable' message reckons across the globe, with over 20000 joining in the CANcer RUN!
Participants holding placards with messages on Cancer at the 'CANcer RUN', hosted by Grace Cancer Foundation, today at the Necklace Road.

Grace Cancer Foundation hosts the largest cancer run across 4 continents, 4 countries & 10 cities

  • The theme of the run is ‘Let us outrun cancer’
  • Microsoft backs the global event to prevent cancer through

13th October, 2019

: Claimed to be the World’s largest Cancer Awareness Run – ‘CANcer RUN
with over 20000 runners participating across 4 continents, 4 countries and 10
cities, was flagged off at Necklace Road, on Sunday. The run with the theme ‘Let us outrun cancer‘ was organised 
by Grace Cancer Foundation, was sponsored by Microsoft.
The Race was in three different categories of 2k fun walk/run, 5k run/walk and
10k timed run. The run had 10000 participants in Hyderabad alone and another
10000 running across the continents of Asia, North America, Australia and South
America, in the cities of Mumbai, Los Angeles, Sydney, Santiago in Chile,
Nashik, Davangere, Nizamabad, Kakinada and Jonnalagadda.

, IPS, Commissioner of
Police, Cyberabad; flagged-off the run; Mr Rajeswar Rao, MLC and D
Prabhakar Rao
, CMD, Transco and GENCO; graced the occasion.

The organisers of the run, Shri Sujata Rao,
IPS,  IG Retd  & Chairman, Grace Cancer Foundation; Dr
Chinnababu Sunkavalli, Founder & CEO, Grace Cancer Foundation and Dr
Hemanth Vudayaraju
, Robotic Surgical Oncologist, were also present on the
occasion. The winners of the run in the 
open category were, amongst males were Winner Mr Ramesh B;
First Runner up Mr Satender Singh  and Second Runner up Mr Madhusudhan K;
in women’s category Winner is Ms Navya V; First Runner up Ms Thirupathamma and
Second Runner up is Ms Lovneet S.

 Shri Sajjanar said, the response for this
run to create awareness against dreaded cancer disease, is overwhelming with
over 10000 participants extending their support by taking part in it, this is
much more than the 7000 participants last year, it indicates more and more
people are coming forward to fight the disease. This year the run is being
organised not just in Hyderabad, but in many cities across the globe including
Los Angeles, Sydney, in Chile. Cancer is the second most dreaded disease, over
one crore people die due to cancer all over the world, every year. There is a
need to create awareness about the disease and mass events with large number of
youth and elders participating, like this one, play a crucial role in achieving
that goal. Not just awareness, there is also a need to provide succor to cancer
patients. So today there is all the more need to out run cancer. Runs like this
are avenues to burst stress, which is another cause of concern, besides keeping
fit such runs help in keeping healthy.

Rajeswar rao
said, the incidence of cancer is on the rise by the day, we have to
prevent and ensure a cancer free world and in this direction Grace Foundation
is doing some wonderful work by creating awareness and motivating people to
join in the run.    

Speaking about the event Shri Sujata Rao
said, this 2nd edition of the ‘CANcer RUN’ is taking the cue from ‘FIT INDIA’
launched recently by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and is
spreading that message across continents. Life style modification is key to a
healthy life, therefore everyone needs to embrace physical activity. To make
FIT INDIA a dream come true, this initiative should be transformed into a great
movement and an unstoppable revolution in the days to come.

Grace Cancer Foundation, a charity organisation,
working towards providing succour to cancer patients, has initiated CANcerRUN,
to raise public awareness against cancer, its prevention and early detection.
Over 200 cancer survivors participating in the run was the highlight and was
instrumental in instilling confidence and hope amongst those afflicted of
cancer and sending a strong message of, cancer after all is conquerable.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Hemanth Vudayaraju
said, Running is the easiest way to stay fit, something which comes naturally
to each one of us, requires least in terms of infrastructure and equipment and
hence is the most uncomplicated way to yield sustaining health benefits. There
are a lot of myths and misbeliefs about Cancer along with stigma and
hopelessness, this run can spread the awareness and dispel all these.

CANcerRUN is a opportunity to challenge yourself, set new limits and reduce your cancer risk by being physically active. This is a race to save lives, organized by Grace Cancer foundation which has been relentless in its efforts to create awareness about cancer and aims to save lives in the long run. No one should fight cancer alone and there were thousands here who joined in the fight against cancer and ran alongside those who are impacted by Cancer, says Dr Chinnababu Sunkavalli. Cancer is curable if detected early and they don’t just survive but Conquer the disease. This run is in support of People who fought this disease, he adds.

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