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At Local Production Forum, WHO and partners highlight key steps to improve access to health technologies

World Health Organization

The first WHO World Local Production Forum organized New Delhi, 26 June 2021 : The first WHO World Local Production Forum ended yesterday after five days of discussions centered on promoting quality and sustainable local production to improve access to medicines and other health technologies. Delegates from over 100 countries …

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Genetic clues, the potential for tailored therapy: a study of rare childhood cancer


New findings suggest that children with rhabdomyosarcoma could benefit from tumour genetic testing. Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma Treatment In children with rhabdomyosarcoma, or RMS, a rare cancer that affects the muscles and other soft tissues, the presence of mutations in several genes, including TP53, MYOD1, and CDKN2A, appears to be associated with …

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Top 10 headlines | PM Modi to address the lead event on the occasion of International Yoga Day

news of the day

PM Modi to address the lead event on the occasion of International Yoga Day tomorrow The 7th International Day of Yoga will be observed tomorrow. The main theme of International Day of Yoga, 2021 is – Yoga for Wellness, which is aligned to the current pre-occupations. International Day of Yoga: …

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Top 10 headlines this night | Mamata Slams Centre Over Efforts To “Control” Twitter

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Steps were taken by the Government to ensure drug availability for treatment of Mucormycosis A sudden increase in the demand has been observed in some States for Amphotericin-B, which is being actively prescribed by the physicians to the patients suffering from Mucormycosis, which has been seen as a post COVID …

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New alcohol-free sanitizer on the way

Hand sanitizer developed by Weinnovate Biosolutions

A Pune-based start-up developed New alcohol-free sanitizer New Delhi, June 14th: India Science Wire: An alcohol-free, aqueous, non-inflammable, and non-toxic hand sanitiser has been developed by a Pune-based start-up that will soon be available in the market. It is environment friendly and gentle on the hands and has been derived …

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World localization day: Nine out of ten farmers are landless

World localization day

#WorldLocalizationDay: Peasants rise up to demand genuine food-system reforms WORLD LOCALIZATION DAY JUNE 20 2021 A celebration of the emerging worldwide localization movement which aims to restore the community fabric and human-scale, ecological economies, with a central focus on local food systems. Food nourishes life. Our farmers produce more than …

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New drug for coronary diseases could be in the offing

Health news

New Delhi, June 12th: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)’s Lucknow-based constituent laboratory Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) and Marc Laboratories Ltd, India have come together to develop a new safer drug for heart attack and stroke. They have signed the license agreement for developing drug for coronary and …

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Healthy Eating: Carbohydrates Vs. Proteins

Health news

New Delhi, June 07 (Neha Tripathi): A balanced diet comprises the nutrients the human body needs to stay healthy. As part of a balanced diet, people are advised to consume a variety of foods in the recommended proportions. Food is classified into different food groups according to its main nutrients. …

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WHO issues new guidance for research on genetically modified mosquitoes to fight malaria and other vector-borne diseases


Geneva, 20th May – New guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) sets essential standards to inform future research and development on genetically modified mosquitoes, particularly in addressing issues relating to ethics, safety, affordability and effectiveness. More than 40Lakhs people a year die from malaria alone. Malaria and other vector-borne …

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