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Islamophobia In India: Current Scenario

Dr. Ram Puniyani

Combating Islamophobia: Indian Scenario Recently UN General Assembly adopted a unanimous resolution to observe March 15 as “Combat Islamophobia’ day. Though the resolution was unanimous; India’s response was, “not convinced that we need to elevate phobia against one religion to the level of an international day.” The term Islamophobia came …

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Law and Justice

Man since its inception has been living in small or big social groups which it forms based on the mutual understanding between several other beings, the social circle in which a man lives is of umpteenth importance for his survival, new relations between different beings are built and ultimately these …

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Debate Opinion

As Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections draw to a close, a wind of change seems to be blowing through the state. Initially, it was thought that because of the farmers’ movement the Samajwadi Party-Rashtriya Lok Dal alliance will dominate Bharatiya Janata Party only in western UP. Although the revival of SP …

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Punjab elections: Tug-of-war for Dalit Votes

arvind kejriwal charanjeet singh channi

Jag Mohan Thaken from Chandigarh Some flag bearers of dirty politics are trying to lay the foundation of a divisive society by destroying the Punjabiyat that has arisen in the midst of the cool and pure waters of five rivers just to win the elections by using fair or unfair …

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The evoke of an artistic rebel “Main Bhi Rohit Vemula !”

Main bhi Rohit Vemula

Theatre of Relevance Practitioners and well-wishers presented the play “Main Bhi Rohit Vemula !” in Panvel, and evoked an artistic rebel by organizing two consecutive shows. Written by Sanjay Kundan and directed and starring Manjul Bhardwaj the play is a reflection of India imprisoned in a 6 X 6 caste …

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