AICCTU Protests Against Massacre Of Workers In Delhi's Anaj Mandi Area

Protests as a marker of social change

present protest by farmers, mainly from Punjab and Haryana, but supported by farmers and other groups from across the country, is a harbinger of fundamental economic, social and political changes.


Pakistani ( and Indian ) Muslims are fake Muslims ? Asks Justice Katju

Islam spread in large parts of the world because of its great message of equality, and the social emancipation it gave to the suppressed sections of society. But Muslims in our subcontinent mostly practice the caste system, which represents inequality, and is directly contrary to what the great Prophet taught.

Farmers Protest

Long live the Punjabi farmers: Justice Katju

By Justice Markandey Katju ”Let the sleeping giant sleep, for when he awakes, the world will tremble“. The above statement, attributed to Napoleon, was regarding China, but the same can be said regarding India today….



Exasperation is a great condition to be a poet, more particularly a poet of satire. Makhhan Ji possesses this trait. This feature has made his poetry meaningful. Not exasperation alone, sensitivity is another quality of character is a successful satirical poet. He possesses this quality too. Mahendra Thakur has roughly observed that without sensitivity, one can not be a good poet.

SATYAM BRUYAT - Justice Katju

Why there should be equality between men and women

Equality between men and women: In modern times wars are fought with machines, which are often computerised. To fire a missive from an F-15 jet aircraft, or to operate a modern tank requires only the touch of a button, which can even be done by a woman. That is why there are many women in the US army.