Remembering Martyrs of First War of Independence.

April 24, 1857, was a Friday. Col Carmichael Smith, commandant of the 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry Regiment, had ordered 90 sepoys to assemble and use the disputed “greased cartridges” in Meerut. The previous evening, the…


Lockdown – Worst Nightmare For The Poor

With lockdown extended and little relaxation in some essential services, the plights of poor are not going to reduce for sure. Lakhs of migrant labourers are struck in metro cities, far away from their homes….

- SR Darapuri I.P.S. (Retd.) National Spokesperson, All India People's Front

Corona Crisis and Dalit Scenario

According to the 2011 Economic and Caste Census, 4.42 crore families out of total families in India belong to the Scheduled Castes (Dalits). Only 23% of these families live in good houses, 2% in habitable…

Isa Masih Jesus Christ

Easter Greetings : Power of love and reconciliation

All religions have mythologies and all have philosophies but most importantly all have a social message too. Frankly, religion don’t survive on mere mythologies alone but on their social messages too. There is a big…

Donald Trump

COVID-19 Depression : Donald Trump Needs a War ?

A dystopian nightmare for millions spreads across the land. It is seriously astounding how fast the economy is crumbling. No infusion of funny money will save the American people from the historically severe depression now…

Dr Birbal Jha is a noted author and Managing Director of Lingua Multiservices Pvt Ltd having a popular trademark brand ‘British Lingua’. He is credited as having created a revolution in English training with the slogan ‘English for all’ in India. He has also been accorded the status of the ‘Youngest Living legend of Mithila ‘.

Time for social distancing, not social boycotting

Social distancing is a buzzword doing the rounds. With the pandemic Covid-19 spreading out to the four winds and one of the preventive measures offered as social distancing, people have begun to look down on…


IN THE NAME OF CORONAVIRUS : Government is shameless

Ram Nath Kovind’s article on coronavirus The President of India Ram Nath Kovind has written an article on coronavirus reminding us that we are merely biological organisms, dependent on other organisms for survival and that…

Corona virus COVID19, Corona virus COVID19 image

Self-preservation is the first law of nature

The adage- self-preservation is the first law of nature– is very relevant in today’s context when nobody knows who will be the next victim of the pandemic coronavirus. But one thing is sure that self-…