Citizenship Amendment Bill : A Hate Driven Move

Amit Shah

By Prabhakar Sinha  

The Citizenship Amendment Bill is in pursuit of the Sangh ‘s congenital hatred for Muslims. The Sar Sangh Chalak Hedgewar had declared way back in 1925 at its inception that its purpose was not to join the national movement against the British, but to oppose “the Yavan-snakes (Muslims), who, reared on the milk of non-cooperation, were provoking riots in the nation with their poisonous hissing.”

Later, Sangh’s iconic Guru Golwarkar declared, “Hindus, do not waste your energy fighting the British. Save it to fight the internal enemies that are the Muslims, the Christians and the communists.”

In his book We or Our Nationhood Defined published in1938, he categorically declared that ‘Muslims may stay in the country but wholly subjugated to the Hindu nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment, not even citizen’s right.’ The Sangh never reconciled to the idea of an India in which Muslims enjoyed the same status and prestige as Hindus. Its dream of a Hindu Rashtra was also inspired by the congenital hatred for Muslims it has been harbouring. The Jan Sangh (present BJP) was formed in 1951 with the sole purpose of making its dream of India as a Hindu Rashtra come true. One thing that has remained constant in the Sangh’s character and conduct has been its visceral hatred for the Muslims of India. And one goal, which has remained Sangh’s obsession and mission, has been to turn India into a Hindu Rashtra by complete subjugation of her Muslim citizens.

The repeated
declaration of forcing the National Register of Citizens (NRC) on the whole
country is a major step in that direction. The Citizen’s Amendment Bill, too,
is a corollary of the same move. 19 lakhs plus have failed to find a place in
the NRC in Assam. Out of the 19 lakh more than 12 lakh are Hindus and 7 lakhs
plus are Muslims. They cannot deny citizenship to the 12 lakh Hindus, who could
not find a place in the NRC. The number of Hindus failing to prove their Indian
citizenship in the country   could swell
to an unimaginable high figure, but they cannot be made stateless. The
Citizenship Amendment Bill is aimed at meeting that contingency by giving
citizenship to Hindus, Sikh, Buddhists, Jains, Christians, Parsis  i.e. to all except the Muslims .Thus, the CAB
serves several of their purposes :  it
grants citizenship to all  illegal
immigrants except Muslims thus winning their gratitude and votes and excludes
the Muslims they hate and reduce their 
number ,who they believe , vote 
against them. They are confident that opposition to the CAB by other parties
would win them more Hindu votes. Thus, they believe that the CAB would place
them in a win win situation.

Amit Shah has been arguing that the move is not against the Muslims but is meant  to offer relief to the religious minorities suffering persecution on account of their religion in Muslim Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangal Desh. The claim is false. Even Muslims suffer in these countries on account of their religion. In Pakistan, Ahmadiyya Muslims are probably the most persecuted. They are not recognised as Muslims and are hated and savagely persecuted for claiming to be Muslims.

The most glaring is the example of Nobel Laureate Abdus Salam. He was awarded the Nobel for Physics in 1979. Any country would have been proud of him, but he remained a persona non grata to the Muslim society of Pakistan. His love for Pakistan is exemplary. Despite hostility and rejection by Pakistan, he retained his citizenship of Pakistan though he lived and died in the Akashi Muslims are also targeted by Sunni Muslims. Their mosques are attacked from time to time. The Baloch are also a persecuted Muslim community. They speak a language, which is a variety of the language spoken in Iran. They are so much persecuted that they are often reported to look to India for help. Even Pakistan blames India for fomenting trouble in Baluchistan.

Many Muslims
are persecuted in Pakistan or Bangla Desh for refusing to follow some Islamic
practices which are not compatible with modern life or express views not
compatible with the Quran. They may be even sentenced to death. Some of the
laws based on Sharia are inhuman. For instance, no one can be convicted of rape
unless there are male witnesses to support the allegation (it might have been
changed now). And if the allegation is not proved, the victim is liable to be punished.
Death sentence is awarded also for blasphemy. The victims of these laws or practices,
too, are persons persecuted for religious reasons. The author Tasleema Nasreen
of Bangla Desh has been in India for years. All these are cases deserving of
grant of citizenship by a civilized country for being victims of the State
religion or not submitting to the inhuman provisions of the religion patronised
by their government.

The greatest flaw of the CAB exposing Sangh’s venomous bias is the assumption without any basis that all non-Muslims (from Afghanistan, Bangla Desh and Pakistan) illegally living in India are victims of persecution due to their respective religion when the truth is that they are here for bread and butter and other reasons emanating from India’s Partition.

Day of
Introduction of the Ignoble CAB

9 December,

About Prof. Prabhakar Sinha

Hailing from Muzaffarpur (Bihar),
Prof. Sinha had a PG Degree in English and Ph.D. in Linguistics from Poona
University (1967) studying the grammar of Lepcha language of Sikkim in relation
to Bengali, Santhali, Hindi and Vajjika. He retired as Professor of English
from RDS College, Muzaffarpur under Bihar University.

Right from his school days in the 1950’s he was involved with the democratic movements of students and suffered fracture and other injuries when police lathi charged agitating students in Patna. He played a leading role in agitation for a judicial enquiry into the police firing on the students of Patna university and later on represented the students in the judicial enquiry headed by the Chief Justice of Patna High court .