CORD condemns the caricature drawn of Indian Muslims by BJP

caricature drawn of Indian Muslims by BJP

India’s ruling party cannot draw better depiction through a caricature of Indian Muslims which they tweeted with a Cartoon today, because this is what they believe ideologically. When this Cartoon comes through the tweet of India’s ruling party’s official handle we have to realise that this is how ruling party of the World’s largest democracy, that is India draw a caricature of Indian Muslims.

This is highly condemnable depiction through caricature by any standards of democracy and decency in politics, to depict fellow countrymen by the people who govern the country and have the responsibility to not let sensibility of any fellow countrymen be hurt based on what clothes they wear and what physical appearance they have.

I am not against ending Triple Talaq practice which I personally believe this practice is not as per Quranic interpretation, but I condemn the criminalisation of this and further demonising Islam as a religion through its public discourse only with the purpose of addressing to a particular party’s vote bank, this cartoon proves that.

Through their action or dereliction, it is known that they seem to be not at all concerned about the plight of Muslim women as such, their sole idea was to demonise the Muslim community as a whole. If their concern was genuine then so many incidents of hate against Muslim men who have mothers, daughters and wives would not have gone unpunished by the system which delivers justice.

I fail to comprehend the character and the compulsions of those who even after seeing this caricature will still believe that this govt. has a commitment for the slogan “Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas Aur Sab ka Vishwaas.”

Athar Husain,


Centre for Objective Research and Development (CORD).

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