CPI-M will launch campaign against eviction from forests

CPIM. Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Raipur. Communist
Party of India (Marxist) has criticized the order to oust more than 50 lakh tribal
and non-tribal poor living in the forest area of ​​the country in favor of a
petition filed on the basis of wrong facts in the name of environment and wild
conservation and This decision is said to be against the provisions of the Forest
Rights Laws. The CPI (M) has strongly condemned the Center’s BJP and
Chhattisgarh Congress government for not advocating proper advocacy for the
tribals in favor of this petition and said that these governments were bent on
eliminating the Forest Rights Laws under the pressure of the corporate lobby.

In a
statement issued here today, the CPI (M) State Secretary Sanjay Parate said
that there is no provision to demolish the rejected claimants in the Forest
Rights Law and Section 4 (5) provides for the prevention of the eviction
process, In particular, the process of adhering to this law is not completed.
In view of this, this is going to make a second historic injustice to tribals.

It is
notable that recently the Supreme Court has ordered all those people to be
evicted from the forest, whose claim-applications have been canceled. This will
affect 12 lakh families residing in forests.

state secretary Sanjay Parte has said that the newly formed Congress government
of Chhattisgarh had assured that it will have ground realities in favor of
tribals in the Supreme Court. The reality is that in the past decade there was
no commitment to the implementation of this law in the BJP government, no
receipt was given to the claimants and claims of personal and community rights
were abrogated, without any scrutiny.  In
Sarguja, the lease of distributed monopoly was also stripped so that forests
could be handed over to Adani for mining. But with its absence from the court
on such a big question, the Congress Government has made it clear that with
whom it is actually standing.

The CPI (M)
has demanded that the government should implement the Forest Rights Law in the
wake of implementation of the law and accept new claims. The party has also
decided to run a campaign against this decision of the Supreme Court and to
protest against eviction.

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