Dark days are ahead in Pakistan


By Justice Markandey Katju

The Pak Govt and Tehreek-e-Labaik Party (TLP ) have agreed to place the issue of expelling the French Ambassador before the Pak Parliament at 3 p.m. today ( 3.30 p.m. Indian time ).

I think any MP in Pakistan pleading against expulsion of the French Ambassador is placing his life at risk and becoming ‘wajib al watl’ ( deserving to die ), like those members of the French National Convention who in January 1793 voted to spare King Louis 16 from the guillotine.

TLP leader Rizvi, by demanding expulsion of the French Ambassador, has caught Imran Khan by his throat, and is twisting it slowly but surely. If the demand is accepted, all Western nations ( including USA, UK, Germany, Italy, etc ) may cut off diplomatic ties, trade, and aid to Pakistan, which will swiftly  bring Pakistan to its knees financially. But if it is not accepted, Imran Khan will be branded as a collaborator with those who have done ‘ghustaqi’ ( insulted ) with the ‘shaan’ (honour) of the Prophet.

Imran Khan thought that by entering into an agreement with TLP he could ward off the danger. In fact it was like Neville Chamberlain signing the Munich Pact with Hitler in 1938, and announcing “ It is peace in our times “. Churchill rightly called it a dishonourable surrender, and the Second World War started the next year.

Imran Khan forgot that surrender to blackmailers like the reactionary TLP bigots only invites further blackmails. He will soon realise this.

I believe Imran Khan’s days are now numbered. What will be his replacement ? In my opinion it will either be army rule, or a TLP Govt ( a lot of Pak MPs, whether of PTI, PMLN, or PPP may soon switch bandwagons and join the TLP, to show they are real ‘ashiq-e-rasool’ ).

The TLP is as feudal minded and reactionary as the Taliban. So Pakistan is headed towards the Middle Ages, and we may soon see sharia imposed in full rigour in Pakistan, with women stoned to death for adultery and limbs of thieves cut off, and burqa made compulsory for all women. And minorities, Ahmadis, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Shias, etc will know the real meaning of ‘nizam-e-Mustafa.’

(Justice Markandey Katju is former Chairman, Press Council of India and former Judge, Supreme Court of India.)