Demand to re-conduct polls on ballot paper

National News 1

New Delhi, 26th May 2019: Renowned social activists from the country, associated with the LOK RAJNITI MANCH have supported Mayawati’s demand for re-election on ballot paper.

In a statement released here today, Sandeep Pandey, Rajiv Yadav, Gaurav Singh, Yugal Kishore Sharan Shastri, Faisal Khan, Lubna Sarvath, Gurumurthy M. and Mahendra Yadav said,

“The manner in which recently conducted Lok Sabha elections have given an unprecedented one-sided mandate favouring Bhartiya Janta Party, casts aspersions on electoral process. It appears as if BJP had managed a grip to control all institutions in democracy to get its desired results. We demand that to ensure citizens of India continue to believe in democracy, 100% VVPAT and EVMs data be tallied. If irregularity to large extent is found then as demanded by national leader of Bahujan Samaj Party behen Mayawati, entire election be conducted using ballot paper.

To improve election process better, full transparency needs to be brought in electoral bond related process, by which political parties are receiving donations; receiving donations from foreign companies be stopped; and cap on maximum donation to a political party by a company at 7.5% of its last 3 years profit be restored. Just like maximum election spending is fixed for a candidate, likewise a maximum election spending limit be ascertained for political parties and expenses be accounted for entire five years, not just 15 days before polling. Maximum election spending limit be fixed keeping in mind an ordinary citizen and not big political parties. “