Do you know, Muslim majority of J&K rejected the two-nation theory of Jinnah

Prof. Bhim Singh
Prof. Bhim Singh

          New Delhi. Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & a world peace traveller has made moving appeal to all the residents of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh to preserve the centuries’ old cultural values wedded with their history to ensure that man does not bite a man and every human being has right to exist and live with honour and dignity whatever his religion, caste, region or class may be. He said, “I had God given opportunity to travel around the whole world and lived and survived with the love, affection and cooperation of different people in different countries for more than five years.”

NPP Supremo’s appeal to all to preserve the peace-loving culture & history of J&K      

NPP Supremo made a strong appeal particularly, to the younger generation, in J&K to learn to live together so that all of us grow in peace with dignity irrespective of our economic, social or political status. He shared the concern with hundreds of friends/mates/persons who conveyed the most tragic/agonizing incidents regarding the human behaviour during past couple of days in different areas of J&K.

He reminded
the friends/mates and even critics that he had lived for months in different
areas of J&K including in Ladakh, Kargil, Kashmir Valley, Doda, Poonch and
others areas with friends and political colleagues who never talked about
religious or social problems.

He said we
shared only the problems which were common and which needed common
resolution/solution at different times.

He made a
strong appeal particularly to the younger generation who may be angry/annoyed
for some reasons or unrest in the society in different parts of J&K.
Yesterday’s incident that took place in different parts of historic Dogra city
of Jammu known as winter capital of the State of J&K for the past 170 years
must have shocked many that some angry youth acted fast against their own
brethren around Gujar Nagar and other areas.

He made a
strong appeal to all particularly the younger generation to ensure that human
love, brotherhood, our centuries’ old cultural heritage is kept preserved and
the anger should not be allowed to control our emotions so that our unity,
cultural heritage, brotherhood which you may call as secular credentials shall
keep governing our mind and emotions, come what may.

He said
India is the largest democracy in the world and there are many fold political
and cultural philosophies. He assured all human being that humanity (insaniyat)
shall have to be our faith and violence against humanity should not be given
any space. This is the way and this is the human philosophy for all of us that
we live together with human touch and assurances of peaceful coexistence
irrespective of religion, race, region or class.

Singh appealed to the youth that we may differ on political philosophy but they
should grow as one as human being wherever they are and in whatever situation
they may be. 

He made a
strong appeal to all to study the history of the people of Kashmir in
particular how the Muslim majority of J&K rejected the two-nation theory
of Mohd. Ali Jinnah
and the Muslim majority state under the leadership of
Sheikh Abdullah and others rejected the Islamic State (Pakistan) and declared
in the United Nations also that J&K shall not join Pakistan. He reminded
all those to read and study the history of the people of J&K how the
Muslims of Kashmir (84% in J&K) rejected Pakistan decided to go with
secular India. This subject should have been a compulsory chapter in all
textbooks of J&K from primary school to the post graduation. 

NPP Supremo warned that the neither US backing nor Russian support shall help us unless the Parliament of India extends Indian Flag and the Indian Constitution with its Fundamental Rights to the entire State of J&K as is required under the command of J&K Accession with the Union of India.         

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