Do you know why Justice Katju is not celebrating Holi?

SATYAM BRUYAT - Justice Katju

By Justice Markandey Katju

Happy Holi to you all.

Forgive me, but I will not be celebrating it with you.

The Holi which I can play is only when India emerges from its present condition of massive poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, inflation, lack of healthcare, casteism and communalism, etc and becomes a prosperous country with all its people enjoying a high standard of living and leading decent lives.

But that mighty historical transformation will probably be after 15-20 years from now, long after I am gone ( since I am already 77 ). So it is unlikely I will ever play Holi with you.

So enjoy your Holi. But please don’t ask me to join you.

When my Holi happens, I will not be with you, but I will throw gulaal and rose petals on you from the sky.

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About the Author

Justice Markandey Katju
Markandey Katju is an Indian jurist and former Supreme Court judge of India who served as chairman of the Press Council of India. He is the founder and patron of the Indian Reunification Association (IRA), an organisation that advocates for the peaceful reunification of what is now Pakistan and Bangladesh with India under a secular government.

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