Doordarshan : A Complete family entertainer film 

Poster of film Doordarshan -2

Gagan Puri’s directorial Doordarshan deserves applause.

The slice of life comedy caper about a family who is struggling to ease an aged person into modern day reality, after she wakes up from a comatose state is interesting and fun to watch!

Film ‘Doordarshan’ revolves around a middle-class Delhi family, who are dysfunctional beyond belief.

Sunil, is upset with his wife Priya living separately and duo is on the verge of divorce. Their son Sunny is upset with his college studies and hopeless romantic. The daughter has different concerns.

Grandmother or Biji has been comatose for decades and everyone has accepted the fact that she will never wake up, but one fine day, Biji wakes up and the whole Pandora box of trouble opens up for the entire dysfunctional family.

Director Gagan Puri’s film is a real family entertainer with proper Delhi wala tadka!

The storyline of the film is very touchy, sometimes it will make the audience laugh, and sometimes it will make them cry.

Mahie Gill has pulled off her wild cat avatar in Salwar Kameej, with panache. Manu Rishi and Dolly Ahluwalia are stellar performers and shines in this one as well.

The film does have its low points and weak spots, but overall view of the film is good. The story is well written and the screen play is good and above all the performances from artistes is earnest.

Today, Film going to hit the theatres all over India.

(News Helpline Review : 3.5 Star)

Director – Gagan Puri

Cast – Mahie Gill, Manu Rishi, Dolly Ahluwalia, Supriya Shukla, Rajesh Sharma, Mehak Manwani, Sumit Gulati, Aditya Kumar, Shardul Rana, Archita Sharma and Manoj Bakshi.