Ex-servicemen Diary Farm, Jammu appeal Bhim Singh to save diary cows from wrath of J&K Admn.


New Delhi, February 15, 2020: Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party received an letter from the Management of Ex-servicemen State Diary Co-operative, Multi Purpose Procurement & Marketing Ltd., Udhampur (J&K) requesting him to take up the case to save the cows/animals which are being looked after by the management in diary farm, Udhampur. The letter addressed to Prof.Bhim Singh and signed by Mr. M.S. Thakur, President of the said diary farm has written a letter urging the state for its intervention to save cows/animals being shifted from Udhampur (Jammu) to Manipur. The letter said that more than 300 cows have already been removed from the diary farm and the rest of the cows are being shifted in a day or two.

          Prof.Bhim Singh reminded the whole countrymen that it was Jammu and Kashmir under the Dogra Maharaja which enacted a Law for the protection of the cows which has remained enforce even today in 2020.

He conveyed to the countrymen that Jammu and Kashmir, is a majority Muslim state and it was on the predominant support of the Muslim majority legislators that Cow Protection Law has been retained with 100% support in the legislature. Slaughtering a cow is an offence under the State’s Criminal Law.  

Prof.Bhim Singh in his letter to the President of India has urged for his urgent intervention to ensure that innocent cows/animals are not forcibly dragged out of Udhampur/Jammu. The management looking after the diary farm wrote a letter to Prof.Bhim Singh which is reproduced below:-

Sub: Urge for urgent intervention of the Hon’ble President.

Your Excellency, Sir,

I am taking this liberty urging Your Excellency for your kind intervention to save hundreds of cows, other animals presently in Ex-servicemen State Diary Co-operative, Multi Purpose Procurement & Marketing Ltd., Udhampur (J&K). I have received a letter from President of the said society, Mr. M.S. Thakur which explains the situation being faced by the Diary Management in Udhampur who have been facing wrath of the State administration. What I understand is that nearly 400 cows (animals) have been removed from the said diary farm in Udhampur and shifted to somewhere in Manipur. What is the purpose of shifting cows/animals from a diary farm in Jammu region which is being run by ex-servicemen has been strongly opposed by the local population and the Manager of the Diary Farm.

I am taking this liberty attaching a letter No. Ex-Sd-MP/21/2020 dated 15.02.2020 signed by Mr. M.S. Thakur, President, Ex-servicemen State Diary Co-operative, Multi Purpose Procurement & Marketing Ltd., Udhampur (J&K). There is strong resentment among the people/residents of Jammu Pradesh against this move to shift cows from Udhampur to Manipur. This matter is not digested by the general public and even those who are in the administration.

I am sending the letter which I have received this afternoon from Jammu for your kind intervention so that justice is done to the people as well as to the innocent cows/animals. I suggest that the cows/animals from the said diary farm in Udhampur should not be shifted and appropriate arrangement/things should be done to ensure that the said diary farm with its animals may not be demolished from the present situation. Sending innocent animals/cows from Udhampur diary farm to Manipur deserves explanation.