#FileChorChowkidar : Rahul attacks, If PM is not guilty, why doesn’t he himself agree for an investigation?

Rahul Gandhi Press conference

New Delhi, 07th March. Congress president Rahul Gandhi again attacked on Prime minister for involvement in accused Rafael jet deal. In a press conference Shri Gandhi said that Yes of course take action on those involved in these missing documents case but also initiate an inquiry on PMO making parallel negotiations.

He said,

files disappeared, it was said that an investigation should be conducted
against you (media) because Rafale files disappeared; but the person who was
involved in Rs 30,000 crore scam, no investigation against him?”

“On one hand
you are saying the documents are missing, so this means the documents are
genuine and its clearly written in them that PMO was carrying out parallel
negotiations,” he added.

President said,

“Media is
being punished because they are being brave. I’m very proud that they have the
guts to stand against Narendra Modi.”

Shri Gandhi

contents of the files have clearly stated that the Prime Minister started a
parallel negotiation and delivery of Rafale aircrafts was delayed because of
his intention to benefit Anil Ambani.

the missing documents, but also investigate Narendra Modi for his actions
mentioned in those missing documents.”

He said,

“Everyone is
equal under the law. On one hand you are saying, documents are missing, which
implies these are authentic documents. Documents clearly state that Narendra
Modi conducted parallel negotiation.”

He taunted

everything possible is done to safeguard Narendra Modi.”

Shri Gandhi

“They say
they want to investigate media for missing Rafale files, but they don’t want to
investigate the person who stole ₹30,000Cr, and who conducted parallel
negotiations in Rafale deal, for which there is proof.”

He asked,

“If PM is
not guilty, why doesn’t he himself agree for an investigation? Why did he
refuse to form a Joint Parliamentary Committee?”

President said,

“The problem
in India is, there is a criminal investigation only on people who oppose PM

He attacked,

“2 crore
jobs are missing, fair MSPs for farmers are missing, Businesses are missing due
to GST… And today, Rafale files are missing.”

It’s a blatant case of corruption, it is clearly stated that the PM of India is carrying out a parallel negotiation. Why should there not be a criminal investigation?

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