Financial Chronicle shuts down as DNA bids goodbye to Delhi edition

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New Delhi,
Feb 6. In a strong signal about the future of print media in the digital
era of news, Deccan Chronicle
Holdings on Wednesday decided to shut down
the print edition of Financial Chronicle (FC) across five cities and Zee
Media Group-owned English daily DNA
bid goodbye to its Delhi edition with
immediate effect.

Once a busy
newsroom, FC was left with a couple of journalists as salaries dried up.

A former FC
journalist told IANS that they were not receiving salaries for over five months
and were unable to run households.

“It was
difficult for us to keep working while not being paid. The tide was
coming,” he said.

Chronicle Holdings has shut down all five FC editions — New Delhi, Hyderabad,
Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai.

Zee Media
Group-owned English daily DNA also shut down the Delhi edition on Wednesday and
will only retain a bureau in the Capital.

An inside
source revealed that the Delhi DNA office was now being converted into a bureau
and the “management wants to concentrate on the main Mumbai edition”.
It was a part of Diligent Media Corporation Ltd (DMCL) that was incorporated in
2005 as a joint venture entity of two media conglomerates — Essel Group and
Bhaskar Group.

The first
DNA edition was launched in Mumbai on July 30, 2005.

Post exit of
Bhaskar Group in 2012, the company is now part of the Zee Entertainment
Enterprises Ltd (Zeel) promoter Essel Group which is currently
embroiled in money laundering allegations in the aftermath of the November 2016

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