Founded by Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan CFD condemns abolition of article 370 of the Constitution of India


New Delhi, 14th August, 2019 : Citizens
For  Democracy (CFD), founded by Loknayak
Jayprakash Narayan unequivocally condemned the way the present Central
Government has abrogated article 370 of the Constitution of India and has
converted a recognized state, i.e. the J&K, into two Union Territories,
viz. the J&K (with legislature) and Laddakh without consulting the affected

S.R.Hiremath, N.D.Pancholi, Anil
Sinha and Arun Majhi for and on behalf of the Citizens For Demcoracy issued a
statement here.

of Statement is as follows –

The  manner in which it is done is totally
undemocratic, unconstitutional and a blot on the Indian democracy which claims
to be the largest one in the democratic world. 
Such changes have been brought about in a deceptive manner keeping the
entire people of the  state under curfew
and  military force, depriving them of
their basic human rights  of freedom of
expression and movements,  placing  large number of  recognized political leaders of the state
under  detention, gagging the media, disconnecting
phone lines and internet connections, evicting tourists, migrant labour
and  pilgrims. We still do not know  have reliable reports as to what is happening on
the ground in the state as only source of information  are from government-spokesmen  which many people feel suspect. 35 thousand
security personnel have been added to   5 lakhs 
 already stationed in the state
for several decades.  Valley  at present resembles an open air prison.  

The government  has claimed  that article 370 is at the root of terrorism
in the state and its removal will bring peace. Human rights organizations like
Citizens For Democracy, P.U.C.L. and others have always  been opposed to militancy and terrorism but
have time and again  stressed that while
dealing firmly with militancy, the government must always be human and
considerate towards the people and must always follow a policy which will win
them away from extremist elements. The present action of the government is
likely to swell the ranks of the separatists and may lead to more bloodshed.  The lawlessness of the  militants cannot be eliminated  by a government which itself becomes lawless.

The government’s claim that abrogation of article 370 will lead to
development of the State is a hoax. People cannot be forced to cooperate in the
developmental processes at gun point shattering 
their  self respect, dignity and
freedoms.  History of peoples struggles
is the proof   that when people have an
opportunity to choose between ‘development with slavery’ and  ‘freedoms with poverty’, they  prefer  the latter. Our own struggle during
‘emergency’ (June 1975-March-1977)  is
the standing example. Inspite of Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s proclamations  during emergency that  her developmental agenda under 20 Point
Programme was more important  than
freedoms and fundamental rights,  Indian people
chose the latter.

Citizens For Democracy was founded by Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan in
April 1974  for  promoting the democratic rights and  civil liberties of the people.  He always stood for  and raised his voice in defence of  the democratic rights of the people of
Kashmir. CFD is pained to witness the retrograde steps taken by the present
government in relation to  Jammu &
Kashmir.    Such
steps are  negation of what Mahatma
Gandhi and Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan 
strived for and preached. The philosophy of ‘force’ believed and
followed by the present government is a self destructive policy and runs
counter to all that our freedom movement for independence stood for. CFD and
other several human rights organizations and  human rights activists, who have investigated
human rights violations in the valley, 
have repeatedly emphasized that  
the people who have distinct language, culture and religion  and who have overwhelming majority in the
valley -who already feel alienated by repressive policies followed by various
governments in the past,  cannot be
retained in India by force and against their will for an indefinite period. Only
way for the government  to win them back
is to respect their dignity,  protect
their  human rights  and 
persuade them to voluntarily embrace India  by a process of emotional integration.   

We therefore demand that

Article 370 should be immediately restored,

             (b) Jammu, Kashmir and Laddakh
should be                                            immdediately
restored to their original

                status of  ‘state- hood’;

             (c) all political leaders and other
activists who have been                  detained/imprisoned before and after
the  process of                    abrogation of article 370 should be
forthwith released,                         

             (d)  freedoms and fundamental rights of the people of   J&K  alongwith their telephone and internet connections should be restored and all restrictions  imposed on them during this period should be  forthwith removed.

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