Gandhi in himself was a school of philosophy, language, communications skills, politics and many other disciplines

Mahatma Gandhi

New Delhi, 2nd October, 2019. While paying his  sincerest and purest homage  and marking the 150th birth anniversary of
Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation today, 
noted author and linguist Dr Birbal Jha appealed  all and sundry to take a leaf from the life
sketch of Gandhi, who sacrificed his life to pave the way for the countrymen
for their good life.

“What impressed me the most while reading the autobiography
of Mahatma Gandhi – ‘My Experiments with Truth’ was his impeccable
communication skills coupled with his thoughts, intellectual values, ideas,
idealism, and overall ideology,” said Dr Jha, the chairman of Mithilalok
Foundation, social organization working for socio-cultural and economic

“As a trainer of English communications skills, during my
interactions with trainees and students, I often quote him as a subject matter
of higher studies and a source of enlightenment, courage and intellectual
progression. I was hardly a student of class 8th when I went through his
memoirs once in Hindi and again studied it thrice while I was graduating in
Patna in the early ’90s” informed Dr Jha who heads British Lingua, an institute
of international repute for communications skills.

“Gandhi in himself was a school of philosophy, language,
communications skills, politics and many other disciplines of today’s
education. I for one strongly believe that he would remain all relevant in
human life not only in the Indian context but also in the world as his practice
and teachings were human-based and constructive purposes” added Dr Jha.

A staunch supporter and follower of Gandhism Dr Jha further
said, “today he is not with us in flesh and blood now but his spirit is all
around all the time. With the title ‘Bapu’ being tagged with his name he ceased
to father of four children only, he is the father of the nation. Hence, he’s the
father of children to be born even tomorrow on Indian soil.”

 “For all to agree that humanity lies in being above brutality. Gandhi’s ideology teaches us to rise above brutes and adopt the civility and humility yet leonine guts and grit” concluded Dr Jha on the day.

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