Hurry up! Download your data. Google Translator Toolkit to be shut down on December 4, 2019


Goodbye, Google Translator Toolkit

New Delhi, 20th
September 2019. Google Translator Toolkit will be shut down on December 4, 2019.
World’s Largest search engine Google informed in an e-mail.

The Text of Google’s
mail is as follows –

Google Translator Toolkit launched over a
decade ago to help our users, translators, and the world create and share
translations. When we first launched, there were few web-based options
for translation editors,
but now there are many great
available, including Google Translate, which will
continue to be available and is unaffected by this. As a result, we’ve seen
declining usage for Translator Toolkit over the past few years. So now, after
many years and billions of words translated, we’re saying goodbye to Translator
Toolkit. A warm thank you to our users around the world.

Download your data

Prior to the shutdown on December 4, 2019,
your data can be downloaded directly in Translator Toolkit (see how).
Shortly after shutdown, you can download all of your data at Google Takeout.

Delete, share, or unshare your data

If you would like to share or unshare your data, this can be
done prior to shutdown directly in Translator Toolkit (see how).

To delete data that you own in Translator Toolkit, simply select the Glossaries, Translation Memories, or Translations you would like to delete and click Delete. For Translations, you also need to click Trash, select translations, and click Empty trash.”