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If election is held tomorrow, whom would you vote? 80.6% say Congress

“A quick survey was carried out on Twitter. The screenshot is on the picture of this post.

This was a snap poll, with limited options and aim, as can be seen. Idea was to see the mood of the people, especially on social media, where it is known that RSS/BJP have a monopoly. With 24 hours to exercise the option, this was a success as more than 17 thousand Twitteratis participated. Most of the participants were small-time social media “activists”, as a maximum of them are followed about 200 or less and they follow a small number as well. More than 1100 Retweeted, while 1800 liked. More than 150 joined in the discussion.

What was surprising is the massive edge the Congress party got in this poll! 80%! The Left lagged way behind. BJP was last. If we sum up, few of the characteristics of this poll, they are: –

Never expected this poll to be so popular! Shows people’s desperation for the change!

Result is spectacular, Cong polling 80%! This may be interpreted the dislike towards BJP and non-availability of a suitable opposition.

Left (My ideology) was far behind but not extinct.

This poll is not to be taken as a measure to defeat Fascism. Fight for Right to Recall, through Mass Civil Disobedience is a better option, than waiting for 2024 General Election. In short, we need a mass movement or revolution to establish People’s Democracy.

Ground reality differs vastly, what we see on social media. During a real election, the scenario will be different, with massive poll rigging through EVM, EC, CBI, power, money, hate-mongering, threat, violence, caste equation, etc. Even after the election, the sell and purchase of lawmakers will make democracy through election a mockery.

For RSS/BJP this poll was meaningless, though no one expected it to be so big, otherwise they would have joined and changed the outcome.

The need of the day is a United National Front against fascism, against anti-working class & the oppressed people regime!

Work on ground, with the working class & the oppressed people, cannot be replaced with Social Media.

Finally, to make a meaningful slogan for the present time, I would say, “Think, Educate, Unite, Resist”!

The situation on the ground is not hidden to anyone, be it in India or elsewhere. India is 10th in the order of the worst affected country as far as Coronavirus is concerned. The handling was far from being satisfactory.

The delay of 45 days to start combat against the pandemic (To allow the ruling party consolidate its position, like the grand welcome of US President Trump in Gujarat, where the wall was erected to hide the “poverty” and the formation of BJP government in MP, by buying Congress MLAs) and making it a spectacle or an event to befool the mass, make the people follow unscientific means, further create religious hatred, worse, the police barbaric atrocities, etc. allowed the pandemic virus spread its tentacles all over India.

Worse, the handicapped judiciary & opposition and sycophant media and most of the departments of government and pillars of democracy, including a substantial section of people (Fascism is a movement) did not let the people’s voices rise and correct the anti-people measures, taken by the state.

Nonetheless, the commotion amongst the people, the migrant labours, workers of the informal sectors (Even that of the organized sectors), poor and even medium level peasants, the pensioners, the petty-bourgeois class is rising. It is visible in India (And many other countries, like Italy, Spain, UK, US, Brazil, etc.) and that directs the politically active intellectuals, workers, progressive and revolutionary parties to rise to the occasion, broaden the resistance, take fascism head-on.”

Gp Capt Krishna Kant

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