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Justice Markandey Katju
Justice Markandey Katju

IITs benefit Western countries, not India, says Justice Katju

New Delhi, 20th September 2019. Former Justice of the Supreme Court of India Justice Markandey Katju has said that the prestigious engineering institutes of India The IITs benefit Western countries, not India.

He wrote on his verified Facebook page, “Will the IIT
graduate help India? No, he will help and serve America.”

The full text of Justice Katju’s post is as
follows –

“Anand Kumar

Anand Kumar, who started the Ramanujan School of Mathematics
in Patna, has received a lot of praise for his Super 30 students most of whom
reportedly get admitted to IITs in India. A film has been made on him starring
Hritik Roshan, a BBC documentary has featured him, etc and he has received
fulsome plaudits for his achievement despite his background of poverty.

But what is his achievement? That he gets students admitted
to an IIT.

But what do most IIT graduates want to do? Either migrate to
America or Europe (by first getting admission in an M. Tech programme in some
American University and later settling down permanently in America or Europe),
or get some cushy job in a multi-national company or join the civil service for
a cushy job. How will that help our country?

The reason why Americans select and invite Indian IIT
graduates to America is this: education costs a huge amount of money in
America. So, Indians bear the cost of educating a boy/girl from primary school
upto B. Tech in an IIT, but after he/she gets educated Americans get the
benefit of that education by utilising that knowledge in American
industry/Universities etc (brain drain). So, Americans are saved of spending a
huge amount of money on educating such boys/girls (Indians pay for that) but
benefit by their technical knowledge.

Will the IIT graduate help India? No, he will help and serve

So, what for is Anand Kumar being praised? He should be
praised by Americans and Europeans, not Indians.

Indians, I am sorry to pour cold water on your heads, but it is time you started using your brains and start thinking deeply. IITs benefit Western countries, not India.”

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