Impact of Jammu ‘Bandh Mission’ was more deeper than it would have created by closing shops only in Jammu

Prof. Bhim Singh
Prof. Bhim Singh

Impact of
Jammu ‘Bandh Mission’ was more deeper than it would have created by closing
shops only in Jammu

Delhi/Jammu/Srinagar December 7, 2019 : Reacting on the response of the heroic
people of Jammu City to the call for Jammu Bandh for this day, NPP Supremo
Prof.Bhim Singh thanked the people for their cooperation with the Panthers
and others by not giving any chance to the J&K Rulers today to
turn the historic streets of Jammu to red, had the people done what they
intended to do by joining the bandh, the way they had earlier supporting the
Panthers Party from the streets to the Assembly Hall. The people have played
wise exposing the ruthless dictators holding reign of power.

Singh congratulated the leadership of the Panthers Party and all other
political and social organizations, students and youth and the Panthers Party
leadership for playing highly disciplined role in today’s fight for justice for
all. He, while appreciating the Panthers Party leadership and friends conveyed
his message that this day it was the victory of the people, shopkeepers,
lawyers agitating in the courts, unemployed youth and all those who are
struggling to seek justice, application of all fundamental rights and human
rights for all which have been assured under Chapter-III of the Indian
Constitution after the removal of Article 35-A.

He assured full support to and solidarity with the lawyers’ fraternity in Jammu who have crossed a month while striking on the brickless streets of Jammu and hoped that the demands projected in the bandh call by J&K Panthers Party and agitating Jammu lawyers shall be considered favourably by the ruling class without any delay.He said that rulers claim that Jammu Bandh failed but the real message is that the bandh mission has gone to every soul of the residents of Jammu and Kashmir. Bravo! Panthers Party.

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