India and Digital India both are insecure in Modi Raj


Raipur / February 21, 2019. Responding to the Chhattisgarh BJP’s website being hacked by Pak Hacker, State Congress spokesman Dhananjay Singh Thakur has said that both Digital India and India in the Modi Raj are insecure. Modi BJP fails to stop the attacks of cross-border terrorists and cyber terrorists across the country.

Chhattisgarh BJP’s website gets hacked by Pak Hacker

Singh Thakur said that after declaring Digital India a safe after the Demonetization,
the BJP should now tell that how is Digital India safe and reliable when the
BJP’s official web site has been hacked?

He said that
the BJP, which advises people to make online transactions after the note-ban,
is now feeling the truth. The BJP has covered the country in the illusion of
Digital India, which is unsafe and inconvenient and not beneficial to benefit
its few online business entrepreneurs.

The Congress
spokesman said that after the notebandi, the people are constantly being
victimized online. The hacking of the Chhattisgarh BJP site is a testimony to
the victory of Digital India being unsafe.

Mr. Thakur also questioned the hacking of the BJP’s website and said that it should be investigated whether hacking has happened or not.

He said that
the character of the BJP and the Sangh is unbelievable. False propaganda and
rumor spreading are the BJP’s influence. The BJP and its leaders can go to any
level to stay in the discussion and fill the public opinion. Modi, Amit Shah,
Raman Singh, BJP’s official social sites and BJP leaders’ social site Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram are the Followers Foreign.

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