India must knock doors of the UN to wake up the world to the human massacre in Afghanistan


New Delhi, August 16, 2021: Prof. Bhim Singh, President of National Panthers Party & Executive Chairman of World Peace Council (India) today urged Govt. of India to rise to the situation in Kabul, Afghanistan where unlimited members of humanity are being killed like butterflies in Kabul, Afghanistan and the world is keeping quiet. India has always stood for humanity and human values all over the world whether it was Korea, Palestine, Congo or elsewhere. How tragic and beyond human imagination that human beings were killed and still being killed by the Taliban terrorists.

Prof. Bhim Singh said that the United Nations should have intervened by now to save innocent human beings, diplomats, people in the streets and everywhere. There is no voice before the United Nations. Alas!

Prof. Bhim Singh expressed shock at the silence over this human massacre in Afghanistan. He also expressed shock at the silence of the United Nations which should have intervened by now.

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