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Rakesh Tikait

Is Rakesh Tikait like Father Gapon : Justice Katju

Farmers leaders or Father Gapons ?

By justice Markandey Katju

More and more on hearing Rakesh Tikait on YouTube, I am getting the feeling he is like Father Gapon ( who was later revealed to be a police agent ) who led the mob to a massacre in St Petersburg, Russia in January 1905 on Bloody Sunday.

Tikait repeatedly spoke of farmers breaking barriers and joining the army parade on 26th January in Rajpath with his tractors. But will the farmers even be allowed to enter Delhi? Even a little common sense can tell us they will be stopped, initially by water cannons and tear gas, and if that does not work, by lathis and bullets.

So who is Tikait trying to fool? His talk of farmers sitting on Delhi border till May 2024 is a lot of baloney.

I am a strong supporter of the farmers agitation as it has broken the barriers of caste and religion, and thus overcome our disunity, which was the greatest obstacle to our progress. But now I have become sceptical about the Kisan leaders. I wonder how many of them are covertly Father Gapons?
(Justie Markandey Katju’s FB Post)


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