Priyanka Gandhi begins roadshow in Lucknow with Rahul, Scindia


BHOPAL, MARCH 15, 2021 (By L S Herdenia): There is no reason to disagree with Rahul Gandhi’s statement that BJP has reduced Jyotiraditya Scindia to the position of a backbencher. Since he joined the BJP he only got the gift of a Rajya Sabha membership and ministerial berths to his followers. Besides this, he has not got any position in the organisation or in the government.

There are elections in some states for which responsibility is being assigned to many BJP leaders of Madhya Pradesh. But in this also neither Scindia nor any of his followers have been given any task. The political parties have to submit a list of speakers to the election commission who will be allowed to address public meetings.   But in this respect, Scindia’s name does not figure in the list so far released.

But this was not the position when he was in Congress. He was appointed General Secretary of the Congress in-charge of half of Uttar Pradesh. He also held an important position in the Congress Parliamentary Party. In the last elections, he always got top official assignments. In the 2018 assembly elections, he was the main target of the BJP.

In fact, BJP ran a campaign against Scindia with the title “Mafkaro Maharaj”. At that time BJP thought that Scindia may be the first choice of the Congress Chief Ministership. That’s why BJP chose him to be the main target of its attack.

Perhaps in these circumstances in mind, Rahul Gandhi mentioned Scindia: “If Scindia had shown patience he could have in future become the chief minister. The big leaders leaving the Congress were sitting on the backbenches in the BJP. And they can never become the chief minister in the rival party”. Rahul said.

Rahul Gandhi said this while addressing the national executive meeting of the Youth Congress. According to a participant, the Congress leader urged workers to focus on their organisational activities while asking them to ignore “who comes to the party and who leaves it”.

This is the second time that Rahul has made such biting comments about turncoats in the meeting of the youth outfit, having made a similar remark – “whoever wants to leave can leave” – during the crisis in Rajasthan last year when Sachin Pilot rebelled with a group of party MLAs to threaten the survival of the Ashok Gehlot government.

Reacting to Rahul’s remark Scindia said “Rahul should have been concerned about me when I was in Congress. It would have been a different situation had Rahul Gandhi been concerned the same way he is now when I was in Congress”.

There is truth in Scindia’s remarks when the indications were clear that he along with his followers were to leave Congress hardly any effort was made to persuade him to stay in the Congress.

Even the efforts which were made in Rajasthan were missing during the M.P crisis. Rahul and Priyanka did nothing to get in touch with Scindia. Moreover, at the state level, many actions were taken to humiliate him. One day Scindia said that he would have to come on the streets if the problems of College teachers are not resolved. Reacting to this Kamal Nath said, “he is free to do so”.

Scindia asked C.M. Kamal Nath to allot him a government bungalow in Bhopal. But CM not only denied him but instead allotted the same bungalow to his M.P. son Nakul Nath. These and other acts on the part of Congress amounted to his humiliation.

Reacting to Rahul Gandhi‘s remarks Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan accused Congress of not only “victimising” Jyotiraditya Scindia but also his father Madhavrao Scindia. “Where was Rahul Gandhi when Scindiaji was in Congress?. It’s not only Jyotiradityji who is a victim of injustice. Congress had meted out injustice to late Madhavraoji Scindia too. He was never allowed to become CM of MP” Chouhan told reporters in Indore on Tuesday evening.

Besides the exchange of comments, there is hardly any impact on state politics. It is felt that Congress will not welcome Scindia even if he desires to come back. Very soon elections to local bodies are going to be held. Future moves of Scindia will depend on the importance given to him and his group in the local body elections. (IPA Service)

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