Jaipur’s Amanishah Nallah popularly known as Dravyawathi river project is upgraded with new-edge technology

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~ Farmers will be able to use treated water for irrigation”

New Delhi. Endress+Hauser
India a leading Swiss based Process automation company has successfully
installed field instruments for measurement and control of critical process
parameters in new Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at Amanishah Nallah
(Dravyawathi River JDA project, Jaipur).

5 sewage
treatment plants (STPs) have been developed that collectively treat 170 MLD of
sewage per day and ensure the continuous flow of clean water into the river.
With this installation, the STP plant has 
pioneered in the domain of environmental technologies with this
application, treatment and transmission facilities for reclaimed water usage.
This treated water is used for irrigation and household purpose in the

chemical and biological processes are used to remove contaminants and produce
treated wastewater that is safe for agricultural purposes and aquatic life.
This will help prevent adverse diseases that earlier spread because of
contaminated water and untreated sewage in the city.

Endress+Hauser  supplied and commissioned all the process
instruments for measurement of critical parameters in 5 STPs and intermediate
SPS. Like Electromagnetic flow, Thermal Mass flowmeters, open channel flow
meters, level switches, Level Transmitters, Pressure Switches , Transmitters,
BOD Analyzers, DO Analyzers, pH, Transmitters, TSS Transmitters.

In 2015 Tata
Group produced a report for the rejuvenation of the river. The contract for the
project was awarded by the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) to a consortium
comprising Tata Projects and the Shanghai Urban Construction Group.

Desai, MD, Endress+ Hauser India informs,

“With our
more than 2 decades of experience in Industry Internet of Things (IIOT) we have
been able to extrapolate this knowledge and transfer it to various industries.
The Jaipur STP project is now equipped with latest flowmeters which will be
able to manage the complexity of engineering at ground level and has become a
case study for the state. We can truly say we are able to install and implement
most cost-effective automation solutions in Jaipur and make the
city a smart-city.”

All this information is given in a press release.

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