Jisko samjha tha khameera woh bhasaaku nikla

Jisko samjha tha khameera woh bhasaaku nikla

A well known journalist, who has been covering the ongoing farmers agitation much more than any other journalist, and has been posting his videos on Youtube several times daily, telephoned me this morning.  He said he wanted to interview me about the farmers agitation and arrest of Disha Ravi and others.

I said I would be happy to come on his show, but added that I will present my view of setting up People’s Courts to try and punish police officers who illegally arrest and jail people like Disha Ravi, Dr Kafeel Khan, Safoora Zargar, etc on trumped up charges and fabricated evidence, as well as their political masters who give them such illegal and unconstitutional orders ( see my article on a previous fb post ).

When I said this, the journalist, whom I had earlier thought a brave man, displayed his true colours. He got frightfully scared, and said that my idea of People’s Court would destroy law and order, and bring about anarchy.

I replied that law is made for man, not man for law. When just laws are not being made by the legislature, they have to be made by the people themselves. This is known as natural law, and arises when there is a historical crisis or social transformation, as at the time of the great American and French Revolutions.

Evidently what I said so rattled the journalist that he hung up, and later did not receive my call. Goodbye to that interview.

Jisko samjha tha khameera woh bhasaaku nikla

Hari Om      

(Justice Markandey Katju’s FB post with courtesy)

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