Justice Katju asks 6 questions to Imran Khan


Some questions to Imran Khan

By Justice Markandey Katju

Dear Prime Minister Khan

Everyone, including me, heard your speech in the Pakistan National Assembly after getting the vote of confidence ( which had been boycotted by the opposition parties ).

The thrust of your speech was about the corruption done by the leaders of the opposition parties.

Now I am posing these 6 questions to you :

1. Why did you not mention about the massive corruption by the Pakistan armed forces, details of which are in this article I wrote in theweek.in :


Is corruption by the armed forces of Pakistan, not corruption? Or is corruption only that done by civilians? Since you profess to be a crusader against corruption, surely you should also stop corruption by the armed forces. Or are you scared to speak of this because then you may meet the fate of the late lamented Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto?

2. What about corruption by your own party MPs, those dubious ‘electables’ ( sugar barons and other shady businessmen ) to whom you gave PTI tickets in the parliamentary elections ? Have they become ‘doodh ka dhula‘ overnight ?

3. Prices of essential commodities like foodstuffs and fuel have skyrocketed. What have you done to end this nightmare for the common man? Or will you keep blaming the previous governments?

4. You spoke of the glory of Islam, Allah, the Prophet and Madina ki Riyasat in the beginning of your speech, but how will this solve the massive problem of unemployment and lack of proper healthcare and good education for the masses in Pakistan? By shouting ‘ La ilaha il Allah ’ from the rooftops?

5. There was the only fulmination by you about the corruption of the opposition parties, but why did you not also announce in your speech that you will abolish the inhuman laws against the Ahmadis, and the blasphemy law which is used to persecute minorities? ( see my article ‘Barbaric persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan’ published in rabwah.net ). Why did you give a PTI ticket to that rascal Amir Liaquat, whose TV programme resulted in the killings of several Ahmadis?

6. Why is the media largely gagged in Pakistan, and what do you propose to do to make it free

Mr Prime Minister, I am asking these 6 questions on behalf of the people of this subcontinent. I hope you will do me the honour of answering.

(Justice Markandey Katju is former Chairman, Press Council of India and former Judge, Supreme Court of India.)

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