Justice Katju is an atheist, so why he post pics of Hindu gods?

Justice Markandey Katju
Justice Markandey Katju

I am an atheist. So people ask me why I post pics of Hindu gods and goddesses on my FB page? Am I not being hypocritical and contradictory? So let me answer.

It is true I am an atheist. I believe all religions are superstitions, and the truth lies in science.

But I also love my culture. For example, I love to read Ramayana and Mahabharat which are part of my culture.

In the pic below I regard Ram and Sita as the people of India and regard myself ( among many others ) as Hanuman, whose duty is to serve the Indian people.

The hole pickers

Many of the comments made on my previous FB post have motivated me to write this post.

There are many people whom I call ’hole pickers’. These are conceited people with half baked, superficial knowledge, who try to refute every statement by anyone by picking holes in them, whether they have understood it or not, instead of objectively examining it. Such people are just show-offs.

When anyone makes a statement you should certainly consider it carefully and critically, and not blindly accept it. But that is different from an attitude of finding holes in every idea except your own. The social media is full of such pompous ’hole pickers’,  who find faults with everything and everyone, except themselves.

Try to develop modesty, like Isaac Newton, the great scientist, who said he was only picking pebbles from the seashore ( of knowledge ).

(A set of two Facebook posts by Justice Markandey Katju)