Justice Markandey Katju made A fresh appeal to PM Modi

Justice Markandey Katju
Justice Markandey Katju

A fresh appeal to the Hon’ble Prime Minister

By Justice Markandey Katju

Respected Modiji

I heard your entire speech today to the Indian farmers and your interaction with some farmers, which was widely telecast. In your speech, you said several things, but I am referring to only one of them

In your speech you said that you were willing to talk with even those who oppose your government and its actions. This is indeed a welcome development, and displays statesmanship on your part. Indeed, in a democracy this is at it should be.

Hence, as a follow up to your speech, may I suggest you invite the leaders of the farmers organisations who are presently agitating, for unconditional talks on the farmers’ issues, including the question whether the 3 recent laws to which the farmers are objecting should be repealed, at the earliest.

This move on your part is absolutely essential if the present deadlock between the farmers and the government is to be broken.

Your speech today was indeed welcome, but to alleviate the apprehensions in the minds of the farmers, you must follow it up with the step I have suggested, otherwise it will be only treated as platitude and demagoguery, and the impasse will not be resolved. Time is running out, and with the huge gathering of farmers at the outskirts of Delhi any unfortunate incident of violence is possible, unless the deadlock is resolved soon.

So I humbly appeal to you to rise to the occasion and forthwith invite the farmers leaders for talks, and this time directly with you, not just your Ministers. The whole country will salute you for this magnanimous gesture.

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