Lok Sabha Election 2019: Searching a right candidate

K P Sasi. Writer is well-known activist and Film director.

The debates
on the forthcoming elections have already started. Activists and people’s
movements who have been contributing actively without the representations in
Parliament have started discussing on strategies. The usual debates are on. All
these debates have been repetitions of the debates we have heard for decades.
Some will decide to opt out. Some will decide to back those political forces
which can effectively form an alternative to BJP Governance, while these
opposition political parties are still negotiating and fighting for their
presence in power among themselves. Some would say, `vote for the eligible
candidates’. And others will follow the `mainstream opinion within the

Lok Sabha
Election 2019 has become so crucial

We have seen
that enough in history. It is also a matter of irony that this Parliament
Election in 2019 has become so crucial for many discourses and discussions at a
time when Parliament itself has become more or less a rubber stamp.

The data of
the number of millionaires and billionaires as sitting members in the Indian
Parliament are available. The corruption details are heavily debated within the
mainstream press itself. And it is an open reality that most of the MPs that we
elect do not even read and reflect crucial Bills that affect the lives of the
majority of people in this country, before they decide to `vote for’ or `vote
against’. Many of them are also `sleeping members’. The influence of the
investment of money in these campaigns to determine the success or loss of a
candidate has also transformed drastically in recent times. Therefore, the
crisis is to find eligible candidates who worked for the people and articulate
the concerns of the people, if we have to protect this important institution of

In this
situation, there are some candidates also fighting without the backing of money
power and with the intention of raising important issues they have been
representing for decades as activists.

Best wishes to Cynthia Stephen from Bangalore North

n Bangalore North, Cynthia Stephen has decided to contest. She is not an unknown face for the activists in Bangalore.

In Bangalore
North, Cynthia Stephen
has decided to contest. She is not an unknown face
for the activists in Bangalore. I have seen her presence in many
protests and public programs and seminars for a long time. She has been
consistently raising the issues of Dalits, Women, Religious Minorities, Child
Rights, Rights of the Physically Challenged and other issues of the marginalized
as well as various developmental issues. Her contributions in research,
writings, advocacy, activism are known to the activists in Bangalore. 

In this
context, it is too appropriate that the activists in Bangalore support their
own candidate whole hearted and work for her success. I do not see this from a
perspective of `winnability’, but as a matter of `principle’. When decisions
are based on `winnability’ and not on `principles’ then I can assure you that
there will be no transformation in the structure of Indian Parliament. And if
people dare to vote on `principles’ and work for this candidate, she may win
also. My best wishes to Cynthia Stephen.

(K P Sasi. Writer is well-known activist and Film director.)

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