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Long live the vadh : Bhagwat’s Height of Hypocrisy on Lynching Crimes in India

Mohan Bhagwat’s Height of Hypocrisy on Lynching Crimes in India

India has turned into the lynching capital of the
world. Our country has been tagged with this infamous identity with Modi
becoming PM of India in 2014. Modi rule herald the beginning of nation-wide
spree of lynching of Dalits and minorities. Unfortunately, there is no
government data collection on hate-crimes but few media outlets have been
collecting the lynch data. In his first term of 5 years (2014-19) hate crime
against minorities and Dalits increased by 90% of religious hate crimes which
occurred in the in the last decade. Soon after Modi was re-elected as the Prime Minister of
on May 23, 2019, he gave a conciliatory speech trying
to reassure Muslims, the main target of attacks, but crimes of lynching have
increased manifold. According to NDTV these have increased by 1000%.

Hindutva apologists argue that lynching is not new to India. They are right.
There is a long list of lynching/massacre of Dalits and minorities. There were
following major incidents of massacre of Dalits; 1968
Kilvenmani massacre, Tamil Nadu
, 1985
Karamchedu massacre
,  1991 Tsundur massacre, Andhra Pradesh, 1996 Bathani
Tola Massacre, Bihar
, 1997
Laxmanpur Bathe massacre, Bihar
, 1997
Melavalavu massacre, Tamil Nadu
, 1997 Ramabai
killings, Mumbai
, 1999 Bant
Singh killing, Punjab
, 2000 Caste
persecution in Karnataka
, 2006
Khairlanji massacre, Maharashtra
, 2011 killings
of Dalits in Mirchpur, Haryana
, 2012
Dharmapuri anti-Dalit violence
, 2013
Marakkanam anti-Dalit violence, Tamil Nadu
, 2014 Javkheda
Hatyakand, Maharashtra
, 2015
anti-Dalit violence in Dangawas, Rajasthan

Three major minority communities of India have been victims
of number of massacre like Nellie massacre (1983), Sikh genocide
(1984), post mosque demolition violence in Ayodhya & different parts of India,
Bombay violence (1992-93), Gujarat violence against Christians in Gujarat
(1997), burning of Graham Stuart Staines along with his two sons Philip (aged
10) and Timothy (aged 6) at Manoharpur
village in Keonjhar
district in Odisha, India on
23 January 1999), Gujarat carnage (2002), Kandhmal violence/rapes against
Christians (2008).

these were declared and treated as serious crimes, perpetrators booked, though,
none, finally, has been punished so far. The current spate of lynching which
began with Modi’s coming to power witnessed a heinous reality. The RSS/BJP
rulers honoured these criminals with tickets for Parliament/state assemblies,
public receptions and obliged with visits by RSS/BJP leaders in jails.

was natural that Supremo of RSS would come forward to dilute the issue which he
attempted in his recent annual address at RSS headquarters on Dussehra (October
8, 2019). Trying his best to divert the issue he declared,

“Nowadays, there have been reports
that members of a community in our society have been attacked by another
community, making them victims of social violence. Such incidents have not been
one-sided. There are reports of incidents happening from both sides and allegations
and counter-allegations. It has also come to light that some incidents have
been deliberately fabricated while some others have been published in a
distorted manner.”

may be noted that few years back when there was a spurt of rape cases in India
same Bhagwat had declared rapes as foreign!

He resorted to
brazen lie that lynching attacks were “happening from both sides”. It
were one sided; victims being Muslims, Christians and Dalits. Bhagwat
conveniently forgot that in July last year; the Supreme
Court had told the Union and state governments that ‘horrific acts of
mobocracy’ could not be allowed to become the new normal, while underscoring
the urgency to protect India’s ‘pluralist social fabric’ from bloodthirsty
mobs. But the law is yet to be conceptualized and passed. There has been no
ambiguity about the source of this heinous agenda of lynching and its
executioners. Those lynched anywhere in the country were first robbed and then
forced to chant ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ and ‘Jai Sri Ram’ If these were sheer
coincidences then these would be fit cases for entry into Guinness Book of
World Records!

if suffering from severe bout of amnesia he declared that

“Lynching is not the word from
Indian ethos, its origin is from a story in a separate religious text. We
Indians trust in brotherhood. Don’t impose such terms on Indians….Lynching
itself is a western construct and one shouldn’t use it in the Indian context to
defame the country.”

‘western construct’ he meant Christianity. As a master mischief monger of the
Hindutva camp he declared:

“In this context, there is an old story
in a religious text prepared outside. There is no connection of that religion
with this but there is an incident in which a village was preparing to stone a
woman. Jesus Christ reached there and said, ‘you are stoning her because she is
a sinner. Then make sure that the first stone is thrown by the person who has
not sinned’. Then everyone realised their mistake.”

a noble act of Jesus is portrayed to prove that lynching started with the Christianity.
And what did Hindutva zealots do? They borrowed it from Christianity!

National Council of Churches in India rightly urged upon

highest Government officials and political leaders of National and State
Governments as well as leaders of all political parties to condemn such heinous
acts and irresponsible public statements so that peace and communal harmony can
be maintained in this country.”

It may be noted
here that after the times of US Civil War when Blacks, Chinese and Hispanics
were lynched in large numbers, it is India under Modi which is witnessing
maximum number of lynching. In fact,
¸ the most worship-able script of Brahmanism after Vedas which
RSS/BJP leaders demand as the constitution of India which appeared around 2nd
century BCE was the most original document in the world history decreeing

A glance over few
punishments ordained for Sudras would make it clear. According to Manu,

“1. Once-born
man (a Sudra), who insults a twice-born man with gross invective, shall have
his tongue cut out; for he is of low origin.

 2. If he mentions the names and castes (jati)
of the (twice-born) with contumely, an iron nail, ten fingers long, shall be
thrust red-hot into his mouth.

3. If he
arrogantly teaches Brahmanas their duty, the king shall cause hot oil to be
poured into his mouth and into his ears.

4. With whatever
limb a man of a low caste does hurt to (a man of the three) highest (castes),
even that limb shall be cut off; that is the teaching of Manu.

5. He who raises
his hand or a stick, shall have his hand cut off; he who in anger kicks with
his foot, shall have his foot cut off.

6. A low-caste man
who tries to place himself on the same seat with a man of a high caste, shall
be branded on his hip and be banished, or (the king) shall cause his buttock to
be gashed.

In fact, with Manusmriti
around the Hindutva zealots do not need any foreign guiding source to lynch
Dalits and Muslims in India!

He dismissed the incidents of lynching as a conspiracy
hatched by

so-called leaders—who in the name of advocating the interests of a specific
community create clash in between the two communities of our society and have
made an industry out of their pursuits for self-aggrandizement—should not be patronized.
Adequate laws exist in the country to curb such incidents. They must be
honestly and strictly implemented.”

When minorities and Dalits are being lynched all
around and Hindutva cadres appear to be the perpetrators the following advice
of Bhagat to RSS cadres was only laughable.

this tendency is the tradition of our country nor does it fit in the spirit of
the Constitution. Howsoever deep the difference of opinion be, howsoever
provocative actions might have taken place, still, we should act by remaining within
the limits of Constitution, handing over such cases to the police and reposing
faith in the judicial system of the country. This is the duty of the citizens
of a free nation.”

How much RSS cares for the Indian Constitution would
be clear from its constant demand that this democratic-secular Constitution
should be replaced by Manusmriti.

Responding to this canard a leading English daily of
India wrote in an editorial that

“Call it ‘lynching’ or ‘mob murders’
the crime is no less deadly: lives are being brutally snuffed out and the rule
of law derailed. Even the argument that lynching denotes ‘traditions alien to
Bharat and belong elsewhere’ doesn’t pass muster: no civilized society condones
mobs meting out instant punishment. By asking critics to talk less about human
rights and warning that they erode communal relations, Bhagwat is essentially
restating the ‘Asian values’ thesis that Asia leans towards collectivism,
authoritarianism and social harmony over human rights.”

The Hindutva
ideologue may be allergic to the word lynch for being foreign but must be
familiar with the Brahmanical term ‘vadh’ which they use to describe the  killings of the adversaries. They described
murder of Father of the Nation as ‘Gandhi-vadh’; killing as offering to
goods/goddesses. The Hindutva motto seems to be; down with lynching, long live
the vadh!

Shamsul Islam

Link for some of S. Islam’s writings in English https://www.hastakshepnews.com/?s=Shamsul+Islam

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